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This humanoid love pillow article is via Gizmodo via OhGizmo via Popgadget via Tokyo Times.

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Randy 23 May 05

[Via]s are so annoying. Just link to whatever you want to and don’t worry about who found it first.

Adam Codega 23 May 05

I think Jason’s trying to be ironic, with the four via credits.

pixelenator 23 May 05

You might think this is a stupid question, but if i read some good article somewhere, can i just copy paste on my weblog and add [via] on the bottom of the entry, or would that get me in trouble???

Randy 24 May 05

Adam, right, but even through the irony there is a bit of a point that I think Jason is trying to make. When do via’s become useless and recursive?

paul haine 24 May 05

pixelenator: I would imagine that most authors wouldn’t be too impressed with a wholesale copy and paste job. It’d be better to simply quote part of the article and then give the link to the full thing.

Patrick Haney 24 May 05

It would be interesting to track where people get their links from and where they originate. This is something that I’ve long since hoped for with del.icio.us, and perhaps we might get it soon.

For now though, I’ve been slowly implementing and adding to my own link database that keeps track of “via” information. At the moment it looks like I get most of my stuff from Waxy’s Links.

Pete Freitag 15 Jun 05

pixelenator: It depends on how they license the content. Lots of blogs license their content under a creative commons license that allows you to copy all or part of the content, and may require a link back.

My understanding of US copyright law is that it is ok to quote from copyrighted material. But you can’t just copy and paste all of it, and you better link back to the source. If you make fun of the content it is another story because that has additional protection. Also content is protected the second it is created even if it doesn’t say copyright anywhere on it. Watch some of the videos here: http://creativecommons.org/learnmore

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