For programmers, it’s never been easier [to find a job]. The world of open source software is such an easy way to get into showing off your work — and it makes you feel good in the process.

One of the big advantages if you go to Harvard or Stanford and you want to get into investment banking is that you’ll meet a lot of people that will make it easier for you to get into investment banking. If you want to be a great software developer, you can do all of that without paying $60,000 a year in tuition, just by putting in some sweat equity in improving the comments in the open source world.

I’m constantly being asked, “Do you know any Rails programmers?” If you’re a programmer today and you’re not employed, you’re not looking or you’re not doing the right things: (A) get involved in open source development, (B) learn a development environment that’s hot right now.

David in Episode #26 of the 37signals Podcast. Read the transcript or listen to it.