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Truth and booty

20 Jan 2003 by Matthew Linderman

Truth and booty (MSNBC) starts with “Joe Millionaire” but ends up discussing broader issues of morality and romance.

$50 million is not a bad thing to desire, if it happens to accompany the right guy. At the very least, a woman desiring a wealthy man is no more shallow than a man desiring a beautiful woman. Folks want the whole package. Romance is complicated; it has to do with things material and ephemeral, with fantasies and fairy tales. It is, in short, a sort of conjuring.

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20 Jan 2003 | Don Schenck said...

I could not agree more.

But ... just you wait ... this guy *is* a millionaire, I predict. Just wait -- the joke's on the American people. Heard it here first.

20 Jan 2003 | Don Schenck said...

Oh and by the way ... notice that the women are all hot? So why aren't people calling him a ... uh ... I dunno ... what do you call a guy that only likes hot women?



20 Jan 2003 | pecker said...

This is what will happen on Joe Millionaire. He comes clean to the one he picks, if his pick decides to stay with him, they win a million dollars. If she decides to leave him, they lose their chance at the money. Personally, I would have run off with Alex McCleod and dumped all them skanks.

20 Jan 2003 | p8 said...

We had the same stupid show here in Holland. The belgian *millionaire* turned out to be a real millionaire, but not in dutch guilders but in belgian franks.
1 guilder = $0.4
1 frank = $0.025

22 Jan 2003 | Dave said...

Please read Dawkin's "The Selfish Gene", et. all for a biological rational...

23 Jan 2003 | yummie said...

uh... i don't care how much you make if you look like this beauty. lol. plus the boy will definately earn his keep after all the hype and with such natural good looks. i'm sure fox knew he had these "revealing" shots and that it would only add fuel to the fire. more power to em all.

13 Jan 2004 | dzwonki said...

Mein Hobby ist es Gästebücher zu besuchen. Das ist immer ganz interessant und widerspiegelt so, was die Leute im Internet wirklich denken. War auch interessant bei Dir ! Bis zum nächsten Mal. All The Best OfNew Year. Sorry for my english i'am from Germany.

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