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Islamabad "Sex and the City" Meetup

24 Feb 2003 by

You know Meetup is taking off when the Sex and the City Meetup is Islamabad’s #1 Meetup topic. But I’m not sure they understand that Sex and the City is a TV show. Take a look at some of their personal messages (listed under the Who Has Signed Up section). saleem_pakistan says: “hay Just females any female u want tasty sex mail me.” guest2001ca says “hi I am from Islamabad and I am male, who is looking for good and sexy females for sex in islamabad.” zakeish_sher says “Not your average boy toy in town looking for regular thingie. Something kinkyly amazing is what I seek.” Funny stuff.

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25 Feb 2003 | alisha said...

sounds all very cute.

In the same city, my girlfriend Georgina had her 12 year old beaten to shit by 2 male, adult neighbors, because he was trying to defend his brother. 3 boys were hassling his brother so much that he hit one of them to scare them off. Before Georgina came home from work, the boyīs father (the one who had gotten punched) and a friend came to her house and took the law in thier own hands. They beat her sonīs face bloody. When she came home, she called the police. It took them 2 hours to arrive, and when they finally came they did nothing because Georgina is divorced and raising her boys alone. Without a man, they told her, she is anyway without rights. And this in one of Pakistanīs biggest, more liberal cities.

25 Feb 2003 | Don Schenck said...

In light of Alisha's story, perhaps the United States isn't such a terrible place.

If I could, I'd whisk Georgina over to live with my wife and I for a while. Stories such as this REALLY get me fired up.

Alisha, I wish the best for Georgina ... not that it means anything to her. But still, I do.

26 Feb 2003 | alisha said...

thanks Don. :-) Georgina tells me she is often saved by the fact that she works for the UN and is considered crazy by most of her "normal" neighbors.

25 Jun 2003 | rafi said...

alisha your story about georgina does not surprise me at all. In a country where most of the people do not have clean drinking water and the custodians of law are themselves law breakers themselves such like stories are bound to arise. yes I sympathise with georgina as i feel pity for most of the people of this land......the only rule to live here is take very good care of yourself and the dear ones around you.

20 Nov 2003 | cheap automobile insurance said...

i guess that works too

22 Nov 2003 | Anon said...

I have to extend my sympathies to your friend. I used to live in Islamabad myself, and i can tell you theres no love lost between the residents and the cops. But as for not acting because her boy got beat up, the police tend not to pay attention to disputes like that, rightly or wrongly i dont know. Frankly im grateful they dont, else I would have gotten screwed myself for similar acts. But back to SATC, I hate to admit it, but im a fan, I dont get why straight guys like me dont dig it more, its a good enuff insight on how women think. Yeah, thats it, research, thats my excuse!

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