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A Bit About Scott Heiferman, August's Guest Poster

01 Aug 2003 by

A little something about Scott Heiferman, our guest poster for August. Scott is the co-founder and CEO of Meetup, as well as the co-creator of Fotolog (here’s Scott’s Fotolog). Scott also founded itraffic, first ad agency dedicated to online media, which he sold to back in 1999. And, in the middle of all this activity, Scott worked at McDonald’s. For more background, here’s a recent MSNBC article about Scott and Meetup. Yes, Scott’s been busy.

I first met Scott when he came to Chicago to meet the crew at 37signals back in 2000. I remember getting a call from him asking if he could fly out to meet with us for a few hours. He didn’t really give a reason, and he didn’t come with an agenda. He just wanted to chat. And chat we did. And then a year or so later, we met up again at SxSW over some coffee. He told me about this idea he had called Meetup. And he asked us if we wanted to design it. After he washed away my natural skepticism, I agreed and we got started a few months later. We’ve since completed three projects for Meetup. I’ve always found that the best business relationships start by sitting around a table with no expectations or agendas. Just some friendly words, mutual respect, and a shared vision to do good work.

It’s been a real pleasure watching Meetup grow into a force that is changing America’s political landscape. Plus, who can’t get behind an idea that uses the internet to get people away from the internet? It’s so simple. The whole Meetup phenomenon is really fascinating.

Scott is a true visionary and a hell of a nice guy. I think his best strength is that he’s a great listener. And, now, at SvN, we get to listen to him. It’s a real pleasure to have him here. Take it away Scott.

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01 Aug 2003 | 8500 said...

Holy crap. I went to the Univeristy of Iowa in 92 and I loved Advertorial Infotainment.

01 Aug 2003 | 8500 said...

All those years at Iowa didn't improve my spelling it seems...

01 Aug 2003 | heif said...

8500: No way. Nobody has ever remembered that goofy college radio show. Thanks for remembering! And thanks to JF for the very kind words and the opportunity to play around here.

04 Aug 2003 | steve, another steve said...

go Hawkeyes...

04 Aug 2003 | Don Schenck said...

Excuse me, Steve ... but ...


04 Aug 2003 | steve, another steve said...

My dad was born on the Iowa campus and recieved his under-grad and masters from there. We always went back for homecoming.

08 Aug 2003 | Mark Hurst said...

i'm a big fan of scott h and his projects!

11 Nov 2004 | homemade sex movie said...

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