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Picture of the Year

01 Sep 2003 by

Bush drops his dog. The girls look terrified. And why is that one girl not wearing her blue socks? Softball is a team sport, dammit.

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02 Sep 2003 | Darrel said...

'dropping the dog' is, ironically, perhaps an ideal euphemism for his entire term in office.

02 Sep 2003 | the poster formerly known as fajalar said...

I was reserving myself on this one, but Darrel's post is prompting me:

Didn't he recently rename his dog "America"?

02 Sep 2003 | Darrel said...

Oh man. That would be just TOO ironic. That could cause my brain go into tilt mode. ;o)

02 Sep 2003 | scottmt said...

oh my god that is simply too funny.

04 Sep 2003 | partybob99 said...

I think the phrase would be that Clinton dropped the dog (in regards to terror).. or better yet, his pants (in regard to his entire administration).

How many terror attacks on U.S. soil since 9/11? ZERO. I rest my case.

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