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Table Highlighting at Orbitz

22 Sep 2003 by Matthew Linderman

Orbitz’ “flex search” offers a helpful feature where you can specify additional dates to include in your search (e.g. 1 day before and after the date you submit). The results screen comes with an excellent use of table cell highlighting — example screenshot here. Rollover a cell containing one of the prices and it lights up that cell as well as the relevant arrival/departure date cells. While a lot of table rollovers on the Web seem gratuitous, this one truly is, er, illuminating.

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22 Sep 2003 | Ben Langhinrichs said...

The link is broken, I'm afraid.

22 Sep 2003 | Chris said...

Your link is broken. FYI.

23 Sep 2003 | Okie said...

Not sure on who was "there" first but I recall seeing this on American West's website a few months ago and could not believe what I difference it made until I went back to another airline's website to make a reservation.

Just wonder how long it will be before all other airlines or date-based service providers will adopt a similar approach?

23 Sep 2003 | Phil Oye said...

I agree that the flex date feature with highlighting is a nice feature. But in my opinion it is all for nothing because they ruined the regular old flight search results. The results used to be very compact, but now each flight takes up to 4 times the vertical space!

If you're interested, I wrote a much longer rant/critique with screenshots on my site.

25 Sep 2003 | David said...

Maybe it's just me, but it didn't seem to enhance the experience all that much. The cells are really big already and it was obvious which row/columns each entry was associated with. I think full row/column "crosshairs" would be more fun if they are going to go through all that trouble.

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