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15 Oct 2003 by Matthew Linderman

Select a CSS layout type, width, and other options at Inknoise’s Layout-o-Matic (in the spirit of List-o-Matic). “We’ve already been through the pain of making our layouts cross-browser compatible, so you don’t have to!” [via Zeldman]

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16 Oct 2003 | Scorched said...

IE6, Win2k. it's got lots of broken javascript and doesn't work for me, but it looks like a cool idea.

17 Oct 2003 | test said...


21 Oct 2003 | cepcion said...

Maybe they were focused on another browser (boo on them) ...

XP/Firebird, works like a charm.

11 Dec 2003 | Swinger said...

Stop the fucking SPam

27 Dec 2003 | angie69 said...


28 Dec 2003 | telefono erotico said...

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