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Modern Inspiration

13 Apr 2004 by Jason Fried

Get your creative juices flowing with these cool items from MoCoLoco, my favorite blog (or is it a website) of the moment:

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13 Apr 2004 | alan taylor said...

Cool stuff. It looks like that nice Rosendahl Clock can be found at the bottom of this page at a site called

13 Apr 2004 | helpful said...

Rosendahl's ...
US Online retailers:

Retailers in 37signals's 60622 zip:

13 Apr 2004 | Mike said...

Reminds me of some stuff they sell over at designobject.

13 Apr 2004 | Daniel drucker said...

The waterfall sink, alas, does not work if you actually use it for something besides decoration -- for example, adding soap to the water causes it to overflow.

They had one for a while at a design show here at UPenn; it was the laughingstock of the show, always overflowing and causes messes.

13 Apr 2004 | CM Harrington said...

I have always been a fan of good industrial/furniture design [my home has several pieces from Nakashima, Noguchi, Simon Pierce, etc.]. The problem with good design is that it tends to be a bit expensive. I have found places like Design Within Reach [] have good prices, especially in their closeout section.

Where do the rest of you go to find good deals on real designer stuff?

13 Apr 2004 | Benjy said...

Damn, I love that stuff! I wish I owned my own place and had the $$$ to fix it up.

13 Apr 2004 | Mark Fusco said... UPenn; it was the laughingstock of the show...

Wouldn't students with the expectation that the waterfall sink has a purpose other than being a conversation piece speak more about the design program at UPenn moreso than the sink?

13 Apr 2004 | One of several Steves said...

I see only one problem with this site: it just reminds me how much my tastes and my budget not only do not live in the same neighborhood, but they're not even on the same continent. *sigh*

Although, at least for the clocks, I'd be happy if someone just started selling alarm clocks that can be set to use 24-hour time instead of AM/PM. I hate AM/PM.

13 Apr 2004 | JF said...

I just bought one of the clocks (the alarm clock version). I'll let you know how it looks/works when I get it. I really wish there was just one clock that could display all the items/features that the 4 different cube clocks do. Press a button to flip the display. OR, how about one cube clock with a different feature on each face? So, one side would be the time. Another side the calendar. Another side the timer, etc... Just an idea.

13 Apr 2004 | Benjy said...

Where do the rest of you go to find good deals on real designer stuff?

Seeing as my situation is like Steve, where my tastes and budget are a continent apart, I haven't yet bought any pieces of real designer stuff.

However, my keen eye did spot an orginal Nelson-designed Howard Miller sunburst clock in my grandparents' house that I now have my hands on!

I am also excited that Designs Within Reach just opened a store in Chicago about a month ago!

13 Apr 2004 | Don Schenck said...

RE: Alarm Clocks -- search and find (and purchase!) the "Zen Alarm Clock". Stylish and more _humane_.

I'm in the process of re-inventing the interior of our home. I'm using a 3D program to design and walk through the house. It'd be great if a common format existed to allow me to pull down items from the web and place them into my house.

Whatever happened to VRML?? :-(

Good stuff (the above, not necessarily VRML).

13 Apr 2004 | Mark Fusco said...

Don -

Do you have modeling software as part of your animation program?

If so, there are a number of repositiories where you can download .DXF furniture models to incorporate into your scene.

Also, have you looked into any of the photogrammetric tools?

I worked (and still do) w/ Lightwave when I was working with NASA, started out on 3D Studio back when it was still DOS based.

14 Apr 2004 | Darrel said...

Where do the rest of you go to find good deals on real designer stuff?


Sadly, there's a giant gap between Ikea (good design for the masses) and DWR (good, overpriced, celeb-label design for the snooty).

FYI, most furniture you see in a showroom can usually be purchased direct from a wholesaler for a *lot* less (like 30-50% less).

15 Apr 2004 | Don Schenck said...

Mark Fusco -- thanks for the tip! My software DOES import .DXF files.


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