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Buying and Selling Tickets Online

18 Jun 2004 by Matthew Linderman is a site where you can buy or sell tickets to sporting events, concerts and theater (100% guaranteed). Unlike eBay, handles all the payment processing and shipping details, tracks your tickets at every point in the transaction process, and offers live customer service 7 days a week.

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18 Jun 2004 | LNJ said...

Stubhub is rocking. I have bought tix there more than once and the prices are fair and all is on the up and up. In fact, I am going to see the BoSox v. Giants this weekend at SBC Yahoo Park (stupid naming rights) and I went to stubhub for the tix. Craigslist and even the Giants themselves were offering tix for a minimum of $85 (bleachers) per and a max of thousands. I got four tix, box seats, at $5 above face value. All in all... rock!

Really, this site is good and if you need to sell tix, it's pain free and easy.

Good golly molly, I could go on all day...

18 Jun 2004 | Mike said...

I'm pretty sure runs a similar service. This one isn't like eBay, these guys sell tickets from people who have season passes but aren't going that night, from people who cancelled at the last moment, from people who just didn't have any use for their tickets, etc.

Like scalpers you say? Nooooo, now that would be bad. Bad bad.

18 Jun 2004 | Adam Codega said...

The Boston Red Sox are also doing this on their own website, they call it Replay. I'm not sure exactly how it works but season ticket holders and regular ticket holders can post their tickets available for sale. Smart for a team to realize that they will help their fans and increase seat capacity by offering this service while also cutting down on scalpers.

18 Jun 2004 | LNJ said...

The Giants are doing it too... Calling it Double Play or something.

I checked there first, before going to stub hub a while back when I wanted to see the Brewers when they were in town and Barry moved to #2 on the homer list, so the park was packed and tix on craigslist were $$$, I thought to myself, "Use Double Play! Teams can't scalp there own tix."

Well, teams CAN scalp there own tix, if they let you charge a price and then charge you 5% of that price in "handling fees". Season tix, resold thru the Giants by tix holders not going were priced from $1500-$8000 a seat cuz Barry was going to the record. And the Giants were making 5% off the top.

Cute scam... I'll use stubhub or an agency thanks.

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15 Jul 2004 | Bill said...

Ticket Finders also offers all these services and they try harder! They have several sources that assist in finding hard to get tickets to concerts and major league games. They specialize in Redskins and Baltimore Ravens football tickets. Check them out.

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