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Building of Basecamp: Recap and New Session

30 Jun 2004 by Jason Fried

So the first Building of Basecamp workshop has come and gone. If you’d like some details on what was covered and how it went, you can read Deane’s thorough and thoughtful review. Here’s another review (sandwiched inside a great first-person account of his visit to Chicago — including two great shots of the new Frank Ghery bandshell in Millennium Park).

Special thanks to the folks who made the trek out from London and Hawaii to attend. Maybe next time we can come to you! And for the visually inclined, here are some photos of the event: David looking tough, Ryan looking out on the crowd, Ryan admiring the Project Overview screen, Me (Jason) demonstrating how tall I’d like to be, the crew (minus Matt, the photographer) and the space, David, Jason, and a piece of Ryan, and sucking up the knowledge. If you took some photos that you want us to share, please send them along.

Speaking of next time, how’s September 17 sound? Yep, we’ll be holding another Building of Basecamp Workshop on September 17th, here in Chicago. Only 40 seats are available, and the last workshop sold out, so make sure you sign up before you miss this one.

Building of Basecamp in your city?
Also… We’d like to bring the Building of Basecamp workshop to your city. If you’re interested in lending a hand with scouting out a venue and promotion, let’s chat. We’ve also had a lot of interest from Europe. We’re considering London, Barcelona, and Rome. If you’re interested in helping make this happen, please drop us a line at workshop at Thanks.

BTW: Here are a couple of other comments we’ve received so far:

“This workshop has changed the way I think, design and develop web applications. Amazing, truly amazing.” -Aaron Post

“Building Basecamp was the bomb — I got so much out of the day I feel full. I know a seminar’s great when I can feel still feel the energy buzz afterwards, and can transfer that excitement to my designer. We were talking about it all morning long! Great job, and much thanks to you, David, Matt, and Ryan for hosting such a great event.” -Nicholas Gracilla

“I know I said this to all of you several times but I wanted to thank you all again for putting on such a great show. I was actually surprised at a lot of the philosophical ideas and plans of attack that seemed to be a slap in the face of most of the joints I’ve worked with. Efficiency at it’s best! I figured I would learn how to make more effective online applications. I left with a lot more. Seeing how you work together and how important an understanding and respecting team was to accomplishing goals helped me tremendously.” -Dan Ritz

“The Building of Basecamp Workshop followed 37signals’ sensibilities: clear, straightforward and effective; it was conversational, engaging and changed as needed to address the interests of the workshop’s participants. The techniques and philosophy that the guys presented jump-started my own mind in terms of how they could be incorporated into my company’s environment. Worth every penny.” -Gregg Hartling

“I am a senior in the columbia college chicago interactive multimedia department who attended your Building of Basecamp workshop last Friday. I just wanted to drop you an email to let you know what a valuable experience your seminar was. I am especially grateful that the workshop focused such an ample amount of time on the business aspects of the production of Basecamp. This critical element is something that teachers and textbooks cannot convey well.” -Walker Hamilton

So, thanks again and we look forward to doing it all over again on September 17th! We’ve even extended the day an hour so we we have ample time for even more questions and material.

9 comments so far (Post a Comment)

30 Jun 2004 | Factory Joe said...

Here are photos from the conference (patience while I get my photoblog to work!):

If nothing shows up when you first hit the link, just refresh it!

30 Jun 2004 | Factory Joe said...

Crap, there's an extra '://' in the links above and they're missing the '.jpg' extension. Gotta love search and replace. Anyway, try these!

30 Jun 2004 | Don Schenck said...

Keep your fingers crossed that my business picks up and I can make the trip to Chicago in September.

30 Jun 2004 | Matthew Oliphant said...

Aw, geez. If Don goes I have to go too. If nothing else to meet a legend.

And to meet Jason, too. :P

30 Jun 2004 | Ed Hill said...

Sorry about my fat head...

30 Jun 2004 | Jonny Roader said...

Are women not allowed or something? ;)

01 Jul 2004 | Don Schenck said...

Jonny, if I can make it, perhaps they'll let my wife tag along. She's not a techie, but she's quite a "looker"!


(God I love having a beautiful wife)

01 Jul 2004 | Don Schenck said...

P.S. She's also more intelligent than I am. LOVE IT!

04 Jul 2004 | Ryan said...


If you guys want to do a remote session, we have a great office in downtown Boston, right on Newbury St. We have full WiFi access, a great projector and large conference room.

If you are interested, just drop me a note.


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