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Portland Oregon: Japanese Garden

19 Jul 2004 by Jason Fried

Some selected shots from the Japanese Garden in Washington Park in Portland, OR. Ahh, Portland, we really liked you.

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19 Jul 2004 | LNJ said...

Got up this morning, feeling blue, don't want to go to work and the 37 guys put up these photos of a garden that, for some reason, made me smile. Thanks!

19 Jul 2004 | Lisa said...

Ooooh these are nice. Jason, you take these? I like your eye.

19 Jul 2004 | Matthew Oliphant said...

I really miss Portland. I lived the beatnik life there in the early 90s, well beatnik without the drugs and alcohol so not really beatnik.

I loved spedning time in the rose gardens and the Japanese Garden.

Great pics, thanks for sharing. Reminds me I need to get cracking on that book I began writing while living there. :)

19 Jul 2004 | Bill Brown said...

I just visited there last year, but I didn't see the steps in "IMG_1311.JPG"

Very nice.

19 Jul 2004 | JF said...

I just visited there last year, but I didn't see the steps in "IMG_1311.JPG"

Did you circle the oak tree twice and then slither down the trap door?

19 Jul 2004 | amber said...

we liked you back. very nice presentation.

19 Jul 2004 | Amy Sakurai said...

What do you mean, liked? Don't you like us anymore?

19 Jul 2004 | Amy Sakurai said...

(I'm addressing JF, of course.)

19 Jul 2004 | Allan White said...

Jason, so glad you came. Your presentation was great - clear and concise, with great, actionable examples. Great meeting you also!

I've lived all over the planet, and I chose Portland because it's got it all [nearby] - trees, mountains, rivers, ocean. That, and a good biz climate. Webvisions is like a big class reunion for all of us local developers. Come back next year!

20 Jul 2004 | pb said...

Heading to Portland next week for OSCON. Recommendations appreciated!

20 Jul 2004 | Brenda said...


20 Jul 2004 | Lisa said...

Biceps, eh? HOT!

20 Jul 2004 | Don Schenck said...

Yeah ... I guess Jason's not a "girlie man"!

21 Jul 2004 | fbm said...

looks like you had "fun" in oregon.

btw, i forgive you. and things worked out for the best.

22 Jul 2004 | pinkus said...

fuzzy bunny monkey

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