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Great app: Paparazzi

23 Sep 2004 by Ryan Singer

I’ve been looking so long for a simple Mac OS X tool that can take screenshots of pages that are much taller than my screen height, and I’ve finally found it: Paparazzi.

There are three fields: URL, Width, and Minimum Height. Click “Capture” to preview the screenshot. One more click to save a PNG. That’s it. Go get it!

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23 Sep 2004 | Dave Marks said...

This is something I have been looking for myself, although for Windows.

At the moment i take to stitching screenshots together in photoshop.

Anybody know of one for Windows?

23 Sep 2004 | Brian Sweeting said...

Saft, an add-on to Safari, will do this as well. Plus it has many other nice features. Check it out at:

23 Sep 2004 | Brian Drum said...


I have used SnagIt on Windows. Not free, but worth the time you'll save not having to use Photoshop.

23 Sep 2004 | Mark Wyner said...

Oh, man that rules. I've been digging for a utility like this for ages. What a time saver this will be.

Thanks a million, Ryan!

24 Sep 2004 | Gordon said...

Windows version can be found at:

There WAS a URL2PNG app as well but it seems to have vanished.

24 Sep 2004 | Stefan said...

There is a Win equivalent (URL2BMP) available here:

24 Sep 2004 | Jennifer Grucza said...

I've used this a couple of times for grabbing super-long screenshots.

24 Sep 2004 | Dave Marks said...

Thanks Guys...

url2bmp looks good a little fuzzy, but easy to use - i don't do it often, so can't really justify the expense of the others.

Thanks :)

24 Sep 2004 | hartmurmur said...

I just checked out the Saft app. site.

From version 2.x to version 7.x in less than 13 months? Thems alotta updates.

24 Sep 2004 | Eamon said...

I can second that recommendation of SnagIt for Windows. We've been using it for years. It's absolutely fantastic, and the fact that it's easy enough for the sales team to use makes it worth its weight in gold.

24 Sep 2004 | indi said...

In a pinch I set the screen resolution as high as my monitor can stand. I have mangaged to get a capture of an entire page that way.

27 Sep 2004 | Josh S said...

I've been looking for something like this. Thanks for the recommendation!

28 Sep 2004 | Dale Cruse said...

Beautiful! Just what I needed! Thank you!

28 Sep 2004 | Farhan Lalji said...

I'm surprised there hasn't been a firefox extension for this. Off to download snag it.

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