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Firefox on a roll

25 Oct 2004 by Jason Fried

Wow, just checked our browser stats for the month. Here are the top 5:

MSIE 6.048.59%
Mozilla 1.72.24%
Opera 7.x1.89%

No IE 5 in the top 5! I know this isn’t representative of the net as a whole, but it’s really nice to see Firefox making a move for the top spot.

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25 Oct 2004 | Coudal said...

fwiw, here's the coudal stats for the same period

MSIE 6.0: 41.20%
Firefox: 30.24%
Safari: 10.15%
MSIE 5.2: 4.13%
MSIE 5.1: 2.20%

26 Oct 2004 | Dave Marks said...

I dare say you're stats are serioulsy skewed by the type of people who visit here though...

But yes its defintaly good to see FireFox on the rise :)

26 Oct 2004 | pb said...

Surprising that Safaris is so low.

26 Oct 2004 | monkeyinabox said...

I think if you run Windows and never use windows update, then you would still be using 5.x, but if you worry about security patches and such, it's pretty hard not to upgrade to 6.0. Of course anyone who knows better, goes to Firefox, but those folks are probably the ones coming here.

26 Oct 2004 | Jeff said...

Actually, based on this site is mostly for designers it seems, I'm somewhat suprised Firefox isn't even closer. Are there really that many designers who are just plain crazy?

Especially with all this hype about firefox, and buttons.

26 Oct 2004 | Bob said...

I'd guess the reason Firefox hasn't taken the lead (and won't for a while) is that reading SVN is a nice pseudo-legitimate workplace activity for us web types, and many workplaces lock their employees to IE...

26 Oct 2004 | Jeff Minard said...

I'm liking the growing trend that, even on my smaller websites and my friends too, the IE market share is plumeting. I've just broken the IE6 50% barrier myself.

26 Oct 2004 | Michael said...

In a Mr. Burns voice..."Excellent".

There's an article in Business 2.0 titled, " Microsoft's Worst Nightmare".

Oh Yeah!

26 Oct 2004 | Roger Johansson said...

My stats ( 456 Berea Street) for September 2004:

IE: 30.2%
Firefox: 30.1%
Safari: 6.9%
Mozilla: 5.4%
Opera: 4.1%
Netscape: 1.4%

Around 20% traffic from newsreaders, aggregators, search engine robots etc.

26 Oct 2004 | mark rushworth said...

bit biased as its just demonstrating that the design/web design industry uses a mix of both FF and IE - its not any basis for real worls applications.

26 Oct 2004 | Will Chatham said...

The disclaimer about this not representing the web as a whole was made, but still, I think that this will continue to even the non-design oriented, and we will soon see Firefox at ~30% on most web sites.

Well, I hope so anyway ;)

26 Oct 2004 | eric said...

It's sad to see Opera down so low. I've always seen it as the best browser available, yet it always gets overlooked by the vocal Firefox supporters. Maybe there'll come a time when Firefox's market share starts plummeting, replaced by Opera's awesomeness.

26 Oct 2004 | wayne said...

Opera had its chance a couple years ago when Mozilla was in constant delay and choices were few. Most people were just not willing to pay ($) for it when IE was free and (mostly) serviceable.

26 Oct 2004 | David said...

My guess for why Safari usage is as low as it is, is because many people visit these sites from their work computers and many companies standardize on wintel systems.

26 Oct 2004 | Don Schenck said...

I downloaded Firefox; I'm using it right now.

I don't see the big deal. Am I just an old guy who doesn't get it?

26 Oct 2004 | kageki said...

Here's a site with a wide sample of people who aren't web-design (etc.) professionals:

66.64% MSIE 6.0
19.85% Mozilla/5.0
4.17% MSIE 5.5
2.63% Mozilla/3.01 (compatible;)
1.86% MSIE 5.2
1.40% MSIE 5.0
1.10% MSIE 5.1
0.55% MSIE 4.0
0.14% BrowseFresh
0.14% Mozilla/4.0 (compatible;)

26 Oct 2004 | Darrel said...

For those wondering why IE is still high (given that it's mostly web developers that visit here) it's important to realize that browser stats will ALWAYS trend toward IE since a large portion of folks visit the blogs during the day and work in a company that has IT trolls that require IE.

It took me two months to finally figure out how to get around the firewalls at work so I could use FireFox. That was a good day. ;o)

26 Oct 2004 | Darrel said...

"I don't see the big deal. Am I just an old guy who doesn't get it?"

Done, give it a weak or two and then it will 'click'. ALso, make sure you have a 3-button mouse so you can click on links with the center button to open new tabs.

Then, go install some plug-ins. Definitely get bug-me-not...never have to fill in another newspaper site registration again. Stock up on search engines for your little search window in the upper right. FireFox is just one of those programs where the details are really what makes it shine. I think it's the first major application that will really help regular web surfers 'get' the power of open source.

26 Oct 2004 | Darrel said...

Done = don
Weak = week

26 Oct 2004 | Fernando Ferret said...

My stats:

1. Internet Explorer 6.x: 33.3%
2. Mozilla 1.x: 26.7%
3. Mozilla Firefox: 13.3%
4. Mozilla Firefox 1.x: 13.3%
5. Netscape 7.x: 6.7%
6. Internet Explorer 5.x: 6.7%

26 Oct 2004 | Don Schenck said...

Okay Darrel ... I'll do. Thanks.

26 Oct 2004 | BradNelson said...

I've personally switched from IE to Firefox in the last month. I've been using Firefox off and on, but I'm using it 100% now.

26 Oct 2004 | Brad Hurley said...

I've personally switched from IE to Firefox in the last month

I downloaded it today. Nice-looking browser, but noticeably slower in rendering pages than IE6 on my Windows 2000 machine. I used it for an hour or so and then switched back to IE6 because I was getting annoyed at the wait.

26 Oct 2004 | Brad Hurley said...

Update: that problem with slow rendering in Firefox seems to have largely disappeared after rebooting my computer.

27 Oct 2004 | One of several Steves said...

Brad, I've noticed the exact opposite - Firefox loads pages much faster than IE. Must have just been regular goofy Windows clutter messing you up.

Don, I echo Darrell to give it a few days. I switched several months ago. The first couple days, I didn't think things were a big deal, and I still didn't get the beauty of tabs. Then I downloaded Tabbrowser Extensions, which basically forces everything to load as a tab instead of a new window (or however I set the prefs). Now IE annoys the hell out of me whenever I'm forced to use that and I can't have tabs but have to open up a bajillion windows at the same time.

And Firefox is worth switching to if for no other reason than it doesn't have the gaping secuirty holes IE does. And even if it does, nobody's trying to exploit them currently.

28 Oct 2004 | Glen Murphy said...

As I posted to Slashdot, if you keep your system updated, there's just no super fantastic reason to switch - It's like how every time the subject of a competitor to Google comes up, many comments are along the lines of 'Oh, Google's entrenched, any new product has to be at least 10x better to get people to switch.'.

Now, I know it's an unpopular opinion, but when you think about it, Mozilla is not ten times better than Internet Explorer. It's better, but not THAT MUCH better, not even in the same way that IE was better than NS4.

Besides, as a developer, it's easier to develop for IE (the buggier browser) then alter for FireFox. Then there's the fact that iRider is not available for FireFox.

28 Oct 2004 | Roger Johansson said...

Glen: I'd say it's the other way around: develop for standards compliant browsers (Mozilla, Firefox, Opera, Safari) first, then tweak it to work in IE. Much easier.

31 Oct 2004 | paul haine said...

I wonder if Opera is actually higher up than people realise - as it ships with itself set to identify as IE6, which I'm sure a lot of people don't change.

01 Nov 2004 | Carl said...

I use Firefox as my default browser now but keep having to switch back to IE to use IESpell to quickly check my spelling when using Forums, simple CMSs and the like.

Does anyone know of an IESpell alternative for Firefox that supports a UK dictionary?

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18 Nov 2004 | Hans Schmucker said...

I'm currently trying to build a website and just to tell you about my experiences:

1. Mozilla & Co
Easiest to develop for was Gecko (Mozilla/Firefox). I just wrote what came to my mind (in HTML 4.1 Trans + CSS), checked it against the W3C standards and I was good to go.

2. Opera
Opera required a little more work. First it didn't let me disable borders (Invisible, but it kept the table physically apart from the window) and I had to set the table position abolute to 0,0... not too hard, another bug was a little more annoying: It underlined the whitespaces (The tabs and linebraks I use to format my code) between the graphical buttons, so I had to remove my formating whitespaces. Not lethal, but annoying.

3. Internet Explorer 6
I still have no idea what's going on... IE seems to mess up the colors of the PNG (non-transparent, 24bit), but I can't switch to JPEG as the buttons have a high color contrast and Artefacts would be visible.

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