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Elusive Humidity II

13 Nov 2004 by Jason Fried

About this time last year I posted about the trouble with most humidifiers. Well, I finally found that perfect one — the Venta Airwasher (you can buy them at Bed Bath & Beyond or direct from Venta). Nice and quiet, good design, solid German engineering, super easy to clean, no wicks/pads or white dust, has a 10-year warranty and purifies the air as well. Its simple, unique technology isn’t just different, it’s better. Definitely more expensive than the rest but I’ve learned that with humidifiers you get what you pay for. Highly recommended.

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13 Nov 2004 | Brendan said...

Plus Minus Zero's humidifier has a shape which suggests droplets of water.

14 Nov 2004 | Darrel said...

Thanks for that find. We have hard water and the coral-like growth on them pretty muchs kills them by the end of winter. This looks like a good alternative.

14 Nov 2004 | Mark Eichin said...

From the amazon reviews it looks like they still have scale/mineral buildup issues, they're just easier to clean - does that fit your experience (or is that not a problem with your water source?)

15 Nov 2004 | Chris said...

A couple of years ago I put a whole house humidifier in. It's one of the best things I ever did. Since humid air holds hear better, I'm able to run the thermostat a couple of degrees cooler, which at current gas prices, makes a noticeable difference in the gas bill.

16 Nov 2004 | Matthew said...

I'm always down for buying things that will improve my health, my only concern is how often do you have to change the water and how often do you have to clean it?

The amazon review said clean it every 2 weeks, the mfr site says every 6 months!

16 Nov 2004 | Ruben said...

Has anyone ordered the +- 0 humidifier from outside of Japan? There doesn't seem to be any information on international shipping.

16 Nov 2004 | Chris said...

It seems like we've had less allergy problems since I put the humidifier in. Lacking a control group - it's hard to say for sure though ;)

18 Nov 2004 | Sneezy said...

Just came across this on WebMD:

"Humidify your home during the dry winter months or year-round if you live in a dry climate. Moisture in the air (humidity) helps keep your mucous membranes moist and more resistant to bacteria. You can use a humidifier in the bedroom while you sleep. However, use care if a person in the home has asthma or allergies; mold or other particles that collect in the humidifier can worsen these conditions. Clean humidifiers on a regular basis."

18 Nov 2004 | Don Schenck said...

Meanwhile, I just purchased a DE-humidifier for my crawl space.

Now if I could just pipe my excess moisture and sell it ... hmmmm ...

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