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Some stuff of note from friends of 37s

10 Jan 2005 by Jason Fried

Some of our friends have some new stuff out that I wanted to plug.

R.Bird just launched Lavaluva — royalty free, custom photographed “luscious landscapes.” Available in downloadable single image ( example) and multi-image libraries ( example). Pretty cool niche stock photo site.

Carlos Segura just launched Cartype, his neverending work in progress. Cartype is Carlos’ personal collection of images, comments, links, information and general interest related to cars and motorcycles. I especially love his library of annoying dealer logos.

Clip-n-Seal is now available for sale on If you need to seal something, or scare a goldfish, you really should use Clip-n-Seal.

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10 Jan 2005 | Jack said...

Looks like Amazon is becoming more and more of an online supermarket.

11 Jan 2005 | Will Hayworth said...

Lavaluva looks to be pretty darn cool.

I'll have to think of a use for stock photos. LOL

11 Jan 2005 | -b- said...

Note the fish was not harmed during the filming of the demo.

11 Jan 2005 | Ryan Mahoney said...

Wow... that Lavaluva site is weird! Is there really a market for such things... or even a niche market? Am I the only one who notices this? I feel like I'm taking crazy pills... ;)

11 Jan 2005 | Jamie said...

Carlos. Your site is amazing! Way to go man!

11 Jan 2005 | Benjy said...

I love Carlos' library of annoying dealer logos! I wish a had a photo of the huge-ass Nives Ford one my old Explorer had on the front fender (who puts them there anyway?) to donate. When I bought my current car new, I had the dealer put in writing on the contract that they would affix no badge, sticker, etc. on the car upon delivery.

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