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Chicago, New York, Copenhagen... and Provo!

16 Feb 2005 by Jason Fried

Today we’d like to announce the newest addition to the 37signals team: Jamis Buck. Jamis lives in Provo, UT with his wife and two kids. He’s been doing some contract work for us, but it was finally time to make him part of the family. Besides being a rock star programmer, and a skilled communicator, he’s an incredibly nice and decent guy (we met him out in Seattle at the Building of Basecamp workshop).

Jamis has been programming heavy-use applications in C and Java for years, but his real passion is writing in Ruby. And seeing that Basecamp, Ta-da, and our other products in development are Ruby-based, it’s a perfect fit for everyone. We get to work with an extraordinary programmer, Jamis gets to work with a language and framework he’s passionate about, and his kids get to have daddy around during the day. All of the above makes us happy.

So, welcome aboard Jamis. Everyone say hi!

Update: Jamis blogged it as well. Well that was quick… Jamis, you’re fired!

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16 Feb 2005 | Jason said...

Congrats Jamis. I'm officially jealous as hell.

16 Feb 2005 | Tomas said...

Just working with Ruby and Rails full time is a real treat, I'm sure doing so at 37signals is even better. Congrats Jamis.

16 Feb 2005 | Sam Stephenson said...

Congratulations Jamis!

16 Feb 2005 | Jake said...

Congrats Jamis! You just got the best job ever!

16 Feb 2005 | design police said...

And wow, is his web site ugly.

16 Feb 2005 | Jamis said...

Thanks all! I'm really excited to be working with 37signals. It'll be a great experience.

And no, Mr. Police, my site is not ugly, it is ugly. ;) It's one of those things that I recognize and know I need to fix, but haven't had the time to spend on it yet.

Besides, I'm a programmer, not a designer. ;)

16 Feb 2005 | George Moschovitis said...

Congratulations Jamis!

16 Feb 2005 | rick said...

This is the quickest I've ever seen someone get fired for blogging. Nice!

Congrats on the new job btw.

16 Feb 2005 | Michael Moncur said...

Congratulations from a fellow Utahn!

16 Feb 2005 | JohnW said...

Congrats, sounds like a fun change to make in your professional life.

Change is good.

16 Feb 2005 | luke crawford said...

on the update: i've read this blog for a whie + this is probably my favorite thing i've seen here. it's good to know there are companies with a good sense of humor.

16 Feb 2005 | Paul Anderson Bradbury said...

To my new fellow employee... Welcome!

Some advice. Don't try to talk to Jason until after lunch because he is not a morning person. He also breaths really loud which is why I sit where I do. Matt is gone now. Literally and figuratively. And the Dutch dude smells like white chocolate. Don't talk to him.

16 Feb 2005 | JF said...

Paul, we must have already fired you for blogging.

17 Feb 2005 | PAB said...

Yes. Yes, you did.

17 Feb 2005 | Sunny said...

Yeah the blog could really use the 37Express treatment.

Congratulations and the best of luck!

17 Feb 2005 | Don Schenck said...

In all seriousness, I think 37 Signals should to a quick extreme makeover of Jamis' web site. That'd be cool.

Then, do mine --


17 Feb 2005 | Jamis said...

All, I've taken the hint. My next priority--redesign my blog. Sorry for the eyesore. ;)

17 Feb 2005 | josh said...

Congrats from a fellow Provo/Orem-ite!

17 Feb 2005 | Don Schenck said...

Don't sweat it, Jamis ... it's not any worse than the web site for the world-famous usability expert, Jakob Nielsen.

17 Feb 2005 | Moritz Petersen said...

Interesting that you mention it. Are there any numbers about how many people lost their job because of blogging?

Anyways, congrats, Jamis.


17 Feb 2005 | brian b said...

congrats on the job. now how many signals work in signals HQ? when are we going to see photos of the super-futiristic workplace we all envision?

17 Feb 2005 | JohnW said...

I second the motion to see what the 37signals workplace looks like.

Give us an online tour?

17 Feb 2005 | JF said...

Our workplace is a couple of desks in the corner of the Coudal headquarters. And now it's also a bedroom in New York, a den in Copenhagen, and a desk in Provo. Trust me, there's nothing to see here.

17 Feb 2005 | Jim Coudal said...

Trust me, there's nothing to see here.

Except for the sports bar, the hot tub, the two Picassos and the dirt-bike track out back of course.

17 Feb 2005 | brian b said...

that's too bad, i think i am not the only one in being curious as to what the surroundings are like at creative companies. I've seen a number of different offices from different companies i've either interned with or interviewed at, and they each reflect alot about what the company is doing.

24 Feb 2005 | Travis said...

Wow, congrats Jamis.

This is a crazy surprise for me. Jamis might understand why when I tell him that I'm an EN World regular and have used his famous NPC Generator quite a bit.

Damn, it's a small, small, www.

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