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An unfortunate typo

23 Feb 2005 by Jason Fried


bad spelling

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23 Feb 2005 | Joe Murphy said...

Give a news web site a break hey -- odds are, they don't have nearly the layers of checkin' and double-checkin that our print press news friends enjoy.

23 Feb 2005 | Adam said...

You would think they would have a spell-checker of some sort, though.

23 Feb 2005 | Ak said...

It's fixed (21.53 Eastern)

23 Feb 2005 | Tom said...

Is the irony supposed to be that the misspelled phrase is "brain-damaged"?

24 Feb 2005 | Bryan Peters said...

I've seen a lot worse when is comes to inappropriate ads.


24 Feb 2005 | indi said...

Tom: The way I took it was that the word damaged was damaged ... similar to misspelling the word misspell.

It was particularly unfortunate because of the gravity of the topic.

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