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The Daily Show on Bloggers

25 Feb 2005 by Matthew Linderman

Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart discuss bloggers on The Daily Show ( WMV 19.5 MB). [via The Big Ticket]

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25 Feb 2005 | Matthew Oliphant said...

Stop calling him Stephen. The truth is out!

25 Feb 2005 | Adam Codega said...

This is one of the Daily Show's best sketches, and that's saying something. A Quicktime version is also available. Although sometimes the comedy writes itself, "Are you defending these lynchmob bloggers who go out and report this stuff?" Oh I'm sorry, if people weren't given a reason to be mad then it wouldn't happen in the first place. Great line: "As opposed to cable news which has... credentials."

28 Feb 2005 | Adam said...

someone was quick. has been registered.

28 Feb 2005 | Dan H said...

(The "H" is not for Hitler.)

SvN is one of three blogs I actually go to and read on a regular basis. And you 37guys are pretty smart and nice about things, as are the readers. But there still are glimpses of what is an unfortunate trend in posting comments on the web: people come across as dick-heads.

Now you're thinking "man, this guy's a dick-head too". Oh well, I'm sorry. But, especially on slashdot (which is not a blog, but people post lots of comments and are generally "dick-heads") and on most blogs people actually read & comment on, commentators are ego-centric and have other dick-head like qualities: being cynical, not really knowing much about a topic before posting (*me looks in da mirror*), not going outside much to see what the real world is actually like, bleh, bleh, bleh...

I didn't want to write this much, and I didn't think much about it. So, I'm one of these losers too. Maybe this is some insight for someone, but maybe I'm just dumb.

Anyway, nice clip, glad you posted links since I missed the show last night.

28 Feb 2005 | Fred, the real Fred said...

Dan H, I agree.

SvN not withstanding, most of the popular blogs are really stupid and unbelievably boring. Pictures out the window of a plane, sheets hanging in the park or an extreme close-up of crap in the gutter. And if you make the wrong comment, the response is, “You’re not cool enough to get it, Bush lover”

I can’t believe the gull some people have to blog about their daily life and act like the whole world is reading it and enlightened by it. Are we that bored with our own daily life? No, the vast majority of people are not reading idiot shit by pot-smoking, pixel pushing dropouts. Most bloggers are the remnants of the dot-com era; “web developers” unwilling to change and grow, or just grow up. Not realizing that their Geek Sheek status doesn’t mean dittly any more.

Blogging for a living or camping out for 100 days for the next Star Wars movie and blogging about it. Give me a fucking break, they’re losers!

"Oh but they're the leaders of today's culture. Providers of information."

No they're ego-centric dick-heads who think that they're geniuses because they know how to script in HTML and make a simple MySQL query.

I'm off! I've got 47 other blogs to read before I head down to Star Bucks to work on my own blog and edit 90 amazing photos I took of the back of people’s heads on the train this morning.

01 Mar 2005 | Don Schenck said...

Fred, although you pretty much painted *me* with that broad brush, I gotta admit: You nailed it!

01 Mar 2005 | Fred, the real Fred said...

I didn't intend to throw the good out with the bad, Don, and yes I do care when Jason speaks again.

Jason, that post was not me.

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