$10 off Campfire upgrade coupon Jason 05 Jun 2006

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If you’ve been considering upgrading your Campfire account, here’s a chance for you to save a few bucks. If you enter coupon code SVNSPECIAL into the coupon code field on the upgrade form you’ll save $10 off your next bill. This offer is only good until midnight Central time on Friday, June 9th. To upgrade just log into your account, click the Account tab, then click the upgrade button under the plan you want to upgrade to. Thanks for your business and enjoy the discount.

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Rabbit 05 Jun 06

You’re kidding me. I _just_ upgraded. Can I get the discount? =P

Spike 06 Jun 06

Aw c’mon, you won’t miss the $10 rabbit. That’s about �6. Two pints and a game of pool.

Rabbit 06 Jun 06

Yeah I know… not even my money, actually. Company paid for it. =)

Rabbit 06 Jun 06

… Oops. Hey everybody look at me I’m a MORON! I just read the title of the post and realized it says “Campfire,” not “Basecamp.”

Go me! Can I have a dunce cap? =)

Trollington 06 Jun 06

hehe Rabbit, I was going to say… I didn’t think anyone had actually purchased Campfire.

I noticed the Job Board no longer tells the number of jobs anymore either…

JF 06 Jun 06

I didn�t think anyone had actually purchased Campfire.

If it makes you feel good about yourself just keep thinking that.

Matt 06 Jun 06


Don’t feed it- that’s what the cap is for.


Christopher 07 Jun 06

Just thinkin… Is this meant as a way to get numbers about your customers like in “how many campfire subscribers read svn”? Does business work that way? Would it be valuable to you to have such numbers? Why the coupon anyway? Please offer some thought to this. Thanks.

Luis 07 Jun 06

Hmm, any discounts for existing die-hard Backpack users? :~)

Hey, never hurts to ask.

sham 08 Jun 06

They are giving you $10 if you want to upgrade your Campfire account. I can’t even believe there is a discussion about this.

Come on, people.

grebo 12 Jun 06

Dang! I missed out. Just started my Campfire account today.