Yahoo never lost its mojo Jason 28 Mar 2005

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Om Malik’s how Yahoo Got Its Mojo Back tries to turn nothing into something.

For Yahooligans, 2004 was a year of frustration. No one noticed the fact that company’s stock posted a hefty 72% gain, ending the year at about $38 a share. Overlooked was the fact that it had sales of $3.6 billion and net income of $834 million. That’s twice as much money it raked in 2003, and nearly three times the profit.

Who are the people who didn’t notice? Bloggers? Hypemasters? The digitarati? The market didn’t forget Yahoo as evidenced by its 72% gain. Customers didn’t seem to forget Yahoo either: have a look at some numbers. Have we forgotten that there’s a world outside of the blogohyposphere?

In fact, Yahoo seemed to regain its mojo back in October 2003. So why is Yahoo cool again all the sudden? Because they hired a few bloggers and bought Flickr? If that’s the measure of mojo then maybe the bubble is back (Josh Petersen also takes on the latest round of insider backscratching that is blowing the bubble).

Marc Canter says: “to Om - once again - he’s rocking the house and telling it like it is…” You know I love ya Marc, but I think Wired beat Om to the punch. So, before we give the blogosphere all the credit for being visionary and telling it like it is, let’s give credit where credit is due. I wonder if we’ll see a blog post in a few years about How Big Media Got Its Mojo Back.

Hey blogosphere, we’re not as on top of things as we think we are.

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Steve, via Den, Fla and now RDU 28 Mar 05

Funny timing, I just deleted almost all my blog links this morning. So tired of the BS.

Steven Andrew Miller 28 Mar 05

I could not agree with this more.

ramanan 29 Mar 05

So now you guys, along with every other blog on the planet, are also talking about Yahoo. Isn’t this post indicative of the very problem you accuse bloggers of perpetuating — that is having tunnel vision when it comes to things that aren’t linked to at,, or Is there an independent thought alert in the blogosphere?

ac 29 Mar 05

Is there an independent thought alert in the blogosphere?

We can only hope so….

Chris 29 Mar 05

Isnít this post indicative of the very problem you accuse bloggers of perpetuating ó that is having tunnel vision when it comes to things that arenít linked to at,, or

I don’t think that has anything to do with what JF said. JF said that Yahoo never lost its mojo and that this idea was covered by Wired a few months before Om picked up on it, but how everyone is saying how brilliant Om’s post was.

Cameron Barrett 29 Mar 05

I agree with this completely. Sometimes the hype coming from the blogosphere is too much to bear. If people would just calm down and see the forest through the trees, we’d be better off and more informed.

The people I pay the most attention to are the quiet ones who are doing really cool things because they care more about being remembered for their ideas and what they’ve done rather than for how loud they can shout.

John Spitzer 29 Mar 05

Good observations. I think this reflects the Noise over Signal that the blogosphere can throw out…

Mike Watkins 29 Mar 05

YHOO is in a down trend until proven otherwise. Its lost its “mojo” therefore if using stock price as the definition.

Jake 29 Mar 05

He’s a terrible writer.

That has tweaked the Yahoo insiders no end! Many had expressed their frustration, for rest of the world not seeing the true value of Yahoo, and how well the company was doing. It just seemed so boring, lacking the pizzaz of Google, its celebrity guests, and its wonderful chef. A few months ago, almost suddenly the tide turned.

Anyone want to take a whack at correcting this?

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