2005 Artypapers awards and encouragement to tell a blogger that you care Matt 28 Dec 2005

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The 2005 Artypapers awards are R. Marie Cox’ attempt to “capture why this year feels so different by creating a list of people, sites and things that I felt really helped to cultivate and energize that feeling.” It’s a good roundup (and not just because 37signals bags the “overall” prize — writeup after the jump). Shoutouts are also given to Creating Passionate Users, CSS Beauty, Subtraction, Mike Rundle, and other deserving folks.

Also, during this season of listmaking, predicting, and back-patting, Instapundit offers some nice advice:

Don’t do this here, as I don’t need it, but go to one of your favorite blogs and make a donation or send an appreciative email. Especially one of the smaller blogs, where the attention is especially likely to be noticed and appreciated. There are a lot of blogs out there, and the bloggers with low traffic often work just as hard as the ones with big numbers. Let ‘em know if you like their work.

Well said. There are plenty of great blogs out there that don’t get the love they deserve. If you have a favorite under-the-radar blog, go ahead and let its author(s) know you appreciate it. Even a quickie email will probably go a long way.

2005 Artypapers awards: Best Overall = 37signals

With write ups or mentions in the New York Times, Salon.com and just about everywhere else 37signals is dragging the web — kicking and screaming — out of its collective apathetic hypnosis and into a more usable, substantive state of mind. If you started reading their popular blog Signal Vs. Noise this year you too could have joined in the revolution and watched it unfold as the web dev shop turned into an ASP that is literally setting the bar for the web and web applications. It does not matter whether or not 37signals is the inventor of an idea, what matters is that they took it, ran with it and executed it successfully; that they then take the time to write about it and to share their experience is reason enough as to why they deserve recognition.

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Ethan 28 Dec 05

Congrats guys. You deff earned it. Thanks fro everything you do.

Adam James 28 Dec 05

I read alot of online comic strips and I did the same thing recently with one that always strikes me as very unique and well written. It’s important to show the up-and-comers that they need to stick around and that they are being noticed and enjoyed.

Kyle 28 Dec 05

Congrats, guys. Undoubtedly a lot of great sites out there this year, but I definitely agree with her nomination.

Thanks for everything you’ve shared this past year, from my new development environment of choice, to the various insights throughout the year (whether I agreed with them or not), and to introducing interesting, useful software.


adam 28 Dec 05

toot toot!

fred 29 Dec 05

ah, yes, the prestigious artypapers awards. kudos.

Rachel C 30 Dec 05

I know you’re not an “under the radar” blog but I just wanted to wish you even more success for 2006. I’m one of the many thousands of people who’ve read your blog, used your products and services, listened to your podcast interviews and never got around to saying…

thank you :)