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If you’re considering upgrading to paying versions of either Basecamp, Backpack, or Campfire, here are some coupon codes to save you some money off your first month.

Save $10 off Basecamp: 5E8CPH3SMJ Save $10 off Campfire: SVNSPECIAL Save $5 off Backpack: JMPEZ7XDKT

To use the code, log in, click the Account tab, click an Upgrade button and you’ll see a spot to enter the code.

You can only use the coupons once and they are subject to change or termination without notice. Get ‘em while they’re hot.

Thanks again for your business.

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Luis 29 Jun 06

Funny, cause when I initially signed up for a paid Backpack account, I attempted to use a coupon code that was posted within the free Backpack account. It didn’t work, so I never got my discount.
Could I take advantage now? :)

Erinc 29 Jun 06

2$ for the first month with Basecamp isn’t bad, it’s actually good :) Thanks…

Tom 29 Jun 06

Thanks! Just convinced me to sign up for my first paid Backpack account.

Tamim 29 Jun 06

I just cancelled My Backpack Account. Still using the Free Version. I like it a lot but I think it is too expensive for a student.
A limited 1 or 2 dollar Account (for Example no Storage) would be affordable. But 5 bucks is 60 bucks a year. That is too much.

JF 29 Jun 06

We’re sorry to see you go, Tamim, but we do offer a free plan (as you know). You can use the free plan for as long as you wish.

Chadwick 29 Jun 06

… and I just started paying for Backpack YESTERDAY. Any chance of a retroactive coupon credit? :)

… or, could I downgrade, get my money back, and re-upgrade, with the coupon?

JF 29 Jun 06

Thanks for upgrading.

Coupons are not retroactive, sorry. You can always use them for a future upgrade (assuming they are still good when you are ready).

Andrew Hollister 29 Jun 06

i literally just entered a $5 coupon code upgrading my basecamp account… any chance of getting the additional $5 with this new code?


Andrew Hollister 29 Jun 06

wow i look like a real cheap-skate in that last message

Johan Bengtsson 30 Jun 06

Isn’t a coupon code input field in a sign-up or payment form a great way of saying “you’re getting screwed” to all those showing up without one!? Offering an alternative URL to get the rebate would be a better way to start off the relationship better with those without codes.

Ken 30 Jun 06

what about those of us who have been around for a while?

ZapSaver Online Coupon Codes 24 Jul 06

These coupons are great, but there are hundreds more at www.ZapSaver.com!

Dave Donohue 02 Oct 06

Thanks for the coupon. My wife and I have been looking for something like this for awhile. I’m trying to convince my boss that Basecamp is necessary at work.