Simplicity making the rounds Matt 29 Nov 2005

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Mark Hurst rounds up some recent links about simplicity in “Simplicity gets its media moment.”

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tina 29 Nov 05

bless mark hurst.

MMI 29 Nov 05

I’ve coined a new term: simpltry.

Before I give the definition, I want to say this doesn’t apply to 37 signals, or even to this posting (just seemed like a good place to post it), but rather is a side effect of Jason and Co.’s great work, and the lack of planning and real thought by imitators.

simpltry: The school of thought, where using the word simplicity negates the use for hard work, planning, forethought and original ideas - as if by magic.

I’ve noticed a few places that seem to be hailing simplicity as the next big thing, without really thinking about what they’re saying. You can’t just say - we do everything simple. There’s still a lot of planning, and hard work that needs to go into your projects. Maybe we should stop using the word simplicity and instead focus on the word elegance? A lot harder to fake a concept like elegance, I would think.

MMI 29 Nov 05

Oh, and that wasn’t directed to any commenters or anything. Just a thought about the blogosphere as a whole. Maybe I should take a cue from Audiocrush and just say, MMI is not responsible for anything. Ever. :)

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