A Building of Basecamp workshop in December? Jason 10 Nov 2005

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So, what do you think? Chicago in early December for a Building of Basecamp workshop?

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ice veins 10 Nov 05

Sounds cold.

Tommy 10 Nov 05

I would perfer St. Louis, but Chicago works for me. Count me in. I have been meaning to attend one of your workshops for more then a year. Maybe I can get Jim to buy me a beer.

Scott Prugh 10 Nov 05

This would be great. I have been waiting for this to make it back locally.

Kyle Posey 10 Nov 05

Just signed up for the newsletter. Hope to hear more about this soon so I can schedule a trip to chi-town… I say web workshop with 37 signals, and my wife will hear “trip to ikea and michigan ave”.

Don Schenck 10 Nov 05

*sigh* … waiting for Philadelphia, Baltimore or DC.

Chris S 10 Nov 05

I’ll ( ask my boss if I can ) go if Don goes.

Rob Poitras 10 Nov 05

You going to show some west coast love after Chicago?

Ritz 10 Nov 05

Ohhh, I’d go again in Chicago in a second. If that second happened in the spring, summer, fall…

Give high fives to everyone that goes. They’re hard-core!

Benjy 10 Nov 05

What’s the cost?

Ryan Heneise 10 Nov 05

How about one in LA?

Austin would be good too. Are you presenting at SXSW?

Ryan Heneise 10 Nov 05

How about one in LA?

Austin would be good too. Are you presenting at SXSW?

Spike 10 Nov 05

UK, please!

Ross Belmont 10 Nov 05

I’m local, so I’ll be there.

Gilbert lee 10 Nov 05

I’ll go to Chicago.

Robin 10 Nov 05

I’m with Spike! Pop over the pond.

Ryan Heneise 10 Nov 05

Shoot. Sorry about the double comment.

Rich Evers 10 Nov 05

Chicago: perfect!

cboone 10 Nov 05

Second the east coast sigh…

Will Gaus 10 Nov 05

Any idea on a cost? Something like this doesnt happen in chicago, I will jump at thsi one

Ryan S. 10 Nov 05

Chicago, yes! I just hope I’ll get in this time. Last time the workshop sold out too fast.

Bill Preachuk 10 Nov 05

Great News!

If my company will spring for it I am in. Heck, even if they don’t spring for it I’ll try to make it work.

As soon as you have specifics it would be much appreciated. Minneapolis is far enough away to still need a little coordination.

Mark 10 Nov 05

You know, based on the flag post not so long ago, it seems you have a good number of readers in Texas. Have you ever thought of doing a workshop down here? Or do your appearances at South by pretty much cover that?

Jason 10 Nov 05

I’m west coast too, but Chicago works.

Laurence Veale 10 Nov 05

Any chance you could move the venue to Dublin, Ireland? Just checking!

Levent 10 Nov 05

UK, Europe.. anywhere closer.. we’re starving over here!

Mark 10 Nov 05

Another East Coast vote…Boston?

Travis 10 Nov 05

Chicago is always good to me. I’ve missed them in the past, would like to go someday.

Don Wilson 10 Nov 05

Preferrably in Texas sometime. ;)

Matt 10 Nov 05

count me in, chicago!

(altho boston or nyc would be nice, too…)

Mike G 10 Nov 05

How about Miami in December!! :)

Chicago in December has got to be BRUTAL!


Crystal 10 Nov 05

A west coast option would be amazing. (Seattle) There are lots of fans out here.

JF 10 Nov 05

We did a workshop in Seattle and San Francisco last year. We may do another one in Seattle next year, but most likely not SF.

Justin 10 Nov 05

why not toronto

Britt 10 Nov 05

I’ll actually be in Chicago in early Dec. (5-10).

Tom 10 Nov 05

Chi-town love…first the Sox, now this… I’d be interested. Is cost listed somewhere?

Brandon 10 Nov 05

Why don’t you guys come down to ATL instead - it’d be MUCH warmer! Hey, I’ll even put you guys up for the weekend ;) Seriously, downtown ATL has some great inexpensive hotels and awesome dining. It’d be warm too. Or better yet, have it in Miami - we’ll go to the beach!

Jim Frapper 10 Nov 05

Another vote for Philly or Baltimore…

Patrick 10 Nov 05

Chicago eh? If its at ALL possible… I’m there!

khudgins 10 Nov 05

December may not be the best idea for those of us in the retail/e-commerce industries, due to our business volume.

That being said, I’d LOVE to go to a workshop, just not at that time.

Matt Kaufman 10 Nov 05

Philadelpha, Baltimore, or DC, and I’ll be there :)

Paul Hertz 10 Nov 05

Chicago’s great. Sure it’s cold in December but I’m betting you guys will be holding the workshop indoors. December is a little short notice especially with all the holiday stuff. How about January?

JF 10 Nov 05

Yeah, we’re going to shoot for January now. We’ll announce when we have something to announce.

warren 10 Nov 05

I’m more curious about the financial aspects of running a subscription-based multiuser web application than just dealing with databases, user interface, and stuff like that. I’ve never implemented credit card processing.

One aspect of the Basecamp-type philosophy is making it easy to sign up and cancel the service — stuff like that is all I’m interested in.

Jim Remsik Jr 10 Nov 05

Curious about cost but, I’ve acquired an affinity for Chicago. I live 2+ hours away and before this year had only been there once in my life, now I’ve got nearly double digit trips in.

Besides Chicago is likely to be warmer than Wisconsin in January. : )

Kars 10 Nov 05

Chicago sounds nice, but why not come over to Amsterdam, the Netherlands?

Larry B 10 Nov 05

How about Boston?

Brian 10 Nov 05

I’m very interested … but I need details: Cost, number of days, weekend or weekdays, etc. Can you provide those details, even if you haven’t finalized yet (so I can stop dreaming if it wont work out) :)

Aaron Blohowiak 10 Nov 05

Potentially less than a month to book hotel and plane tickets, get time off, plan around family events, and no indication of cost or potential venue…

Sometimes less is way less.

Brian Eng 10 Nov 05

I’d be in.

rmd 10 Nov 05

Another vote for Philly, NYC, Baltimore, etc.

Damon Clinkscales 10 Nov 05


I realize you probably got this last year as well, but I think a Building of Basecamp directly before you kick SXSWi off on 3/10 would sell out and also be convenient for your schedule since you will already be coming to Austin. I for one would like to attend. We have started up a Rails group in Austin and I expect the interest will just continue to build from here.

It would also set the proper mood for kicking off Interactive… encouraging more designers and programmers to get together to form more small Rails-powered teams with big ideas.


Nick Zadrozny 10 Nov 05

I’d be down for it if the price + plane ticket is right.

Nick Bertolino 10 Nov 05

Sign Me Up.

Deirdre Saoirse Moen 10 Nov 05

Can you pretty please not do it opposite the LISA conference (December 4-9)?

Otherwise, I’m so there.

Dan Hodos 10 Nov 05

Chicago? Delightful.

Hubris Sonic 10 Nov 05

How about Tokyo in the Spring!

I sport ya some sushi, etc.

Rob Bazinet 10 Nov 05

Yes, please tell us the price and dates when you have them.

dansays 10 Nov 05


Ethan Giffin 10 Nov 05

How about the same week as Search Engine Strategies…

Tim 10 Nov 05

I’d love to go if my company would pay for it. Do you have special rates for non-profits?

cotton man 11 Nov 05

I would love to go, unfortunately India is far away.

cotton man 11 Nov 05

I would love to go, unfortunately India is far away.

Eric 11 Nov 05

Sounds great to me, Chicago in December sounds nice. It would be nice to see snow again, I am stuck down here in sunny Florida all winter.

Nick 11 Nov 05

Jason, be sure to give us a couple weeks notice, so we can get good hotel and travel plans. We are on limited budgets:) Also, how long is the seminar, (number of days)?

Bill Preachuk 11 Nov 05


Given the enthusiastic response, maybe this would be the right time to create the ‘Building of Basecamp’ DVD?


I’m ready to pre-order my copy today…

Brian Breslin 11 Nov 05

I second that earlier vote for Miami (its a nice 78degrees today, can’t beat that). However I’ve never been to chi-town, so it would give me a good excuse.
Whats the cost going to be like?
Will there be video of the session available after?

KLB 11 Nov 05

Make it Philly, baby!

Ben 11 Nov 05

How about Vermont? We always get left out ;-)

Mike Moscow 11 Nov 05

I uuuhhh… third the Miami vote. We got beaches and the hottest chicks!

How much does it cost? Must be super expensive if everyone is avoiding the question. I didnt see a price on the workshop page either.

Like Bill said, a ‘Building of Basecamp’ DVD would be the sh*t! It also follows the “dont repeat yourself” mantra thingy you guys are all into… Record it once and spread your love!

Joshua Sierles 11 Nov 05

Would this BoB workshop have some new spin on it?

After having attended the one in Denmark, I can see that much of its contents are scattered in the various talks given afterwards at conferences, written in blog entries, etc. Specifically, I think a lot of people might benefit more from deeper analysis of your marketing techniques, how you tie your multiple apps together, etc.

Alex Bunardzic 11 Nov 05

Mantras? Did I read it correctly?

What, do you guys recommend fasting as well?

Michael 11 Nov 05

What are the cost? I’ve seen it mentioned multiple times without an answer. I can find hotel and travel cost myself, but what will the BoB cost?

I’m curious and looking and want to know more.


Mike Moscow 11 Nov 05

500 dollars

David Heinemeier Hansson 12 Nov 05

We haven’t announced pricing for the new workshop yet. But its likely to be at least somewhat higher than previous workshops since we still want to keep a small, intimate atmosphere and the demand has been building up.

matias 12 Nov 05

Jason, will there ever be a DVD or book version of Building of Basecamp for those of us who don’t live in the US (and can’t afford to travel next December)?

Ben Damman 12 Nov 05

Greetings from Northwest Wisconsin. If you can set a date after Dec. 7th I’ll be there!

jpo245 13 Nov 05

In the mean time, do one early january, and IM DEFINITELY IN. I can pay now if u want.

Kathy Sierra 13 Nov 05

How about Denver/Boulder? Tons of techies here, the BEST skiing, beautiful weather, friendly people and all that…

Steve 13 Nov 05

How about the Philippines? By crystal clear waters and white sandy beaches??

Most of us need to get some sun! I’d be glad to help.

Ditto on the DVD version.

Brian 14 Nov 05

More than $500.00 + Less than a month’s notice (with solid details anyway) = not a happy “camper”

Ironic that you ask if people are interested in attending, and then when a lot of people say “yes”, you site that as a reason for potentially jacking up the price.

Joe Murphy 15 Nov 05

Ummmm, so, how many women are going to be at this thing? 1? 2? Just wondering, ‘s all.

JF 15 Nov 05

More than $500.00 + Less than a month�s notice (with solid details anyway) = not a happy �camper�

We’re going to do it in late January so you have time.

Ironic that you ask if people are interested in attending, and then when a lot of people say �yes�, you site that as a reason for potentially jacking up the price.

We’re “jacking up the price” because of 1. demand, and 2. we have a lot of new material to prepare, and 3. we’re hosting this at a high-end venue which costs considerably more to rent out, and 4. caterers aren’t getting any cheaper, and 5. we think there’s more value in what we’re presenting now since we have a 4-app track record.

If you don’t think it’s worth it to you then don’t attend.

Brian 16 Nov 05

JF -

January is much better …

As far as my “jacking up the price” comment - sorry bout that. I have no excuse other than general grumpyness at the time of posting. mea culpa.

You should charge as much as you think the market will pay. But you should also consider that whole DVD thing too :)

Bill Preachuk 16 Nov 05

I’m officially in. (who says there are no benefits to working for a medium-sized consulting firm?)

Thanks for the advance notice - it gave me enough time to get training funds approved.

I’d hate to miss my chance. I’ll gladly pay today (but I fully expect the answer will be to wait my turn like everyone else).