A couple quick Basecamp and Backpack updates 23 Sep 2005

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By popular demand, Backpack now has recurring reminders and Basecamp now has authenticated RSS feeds.

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Steve 23 Sep 05

I guess my post a couple weeks ago about starving children in the world did the trick!


All kidding aside, thanks!

Hammed 23 Sep 05

Any recomendations for an RSS reader that supports authentication?

Brad 23 Sep 05

AND, correct me if I’m wrong, but borrowing from the ASAP discussion of late, you now put the REMINDER text in the email subject line in caps.

JF 23 Sep 05

Reminder text format shouldn’t have changed.

Other Brad 23 Sep 05

Unfortunately, my newsreader (FeedDemon, which is very popular among Windows users) now forces me to validate my basecamp RSS feed every time I open the newsreader …not just once but every time. I don’t see a way to turn that off in FeedDemon; any ideas?

Sean Forman 23 Sep 05

Just a quick note as I suspect designers are reading this.

On BasecampHQ.com, I can not find a link to where I can log into an existing account. Not on the front page, not on the signup page either. It was dumb luck that allowed me to remember the updatelog.com url. And www.updatelog.com doesn’t seem to work either.

Is there a reason that there isn’t a login link on the front of the basecamphq.com page?


Megan Elizabeth Morris 23 Sep 05

NetNewsWire just picked it up and ran with it - this is great! Thanks, folks!

JF 23 Sep 05

Is there a reason that there isn�t a login link on the front of the basecamphq.com page?

Yes. Usernames and passwords are only unique to each account, they aren’t globally unique. This means that multiple people could have “bob” as their username and “bob1” as their password across *all* Basecamp accounts. What makes the login unique is the subdomain that is unique to your own Basecamp site.

Clive R 13 Jun 06

God ..i wish i could find my bookmark for logging into my account !! I must have used some obscure email address because this is the third time i have registered over the last year (moving job) …but nowhere can i find a way of loogging in