A friend’s company is looking to hire some full-time Java developers 23 Mar 2005

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A friend of mine is looking to hire some Java programmers. If you think you’d be right for the job, or you know someone who might be, please get in touch with him directly. His name is Daniel Lakier and you can email him at dan_lakier at redmane dot com. I’ve known Dan for nearly 20 years — he’s a great guy and I’m sure working with him and his company would be a fantastic opportunity.

Here’s the job description:

Chicago based small consultancy needs Java developers of all experience levels willing to travel extensively. Developers will work for public sector clients on large projects using Curam framework and J2EE. Developer will work as a member of a larger team.

Personal integrity and commitment to quality are absolutely essential requirements. Ability to learn is a must. We will train you in the Curam framework, so no experience with it is required, though any experience is, of course, desirable.

We are also looking for business analysts. These people will work with clients to understand their business and determine system requirements. They will work together to design the system and develop specifications for developers to implement.

This is not a contract gig. We are looking for employees to help us grow as a company. We are a small company with less than 30 people, but we have worked together for many years and have worked hard to create a great work environment.

If you’re interested, email Dan at dan_lakier at redmane dot com. Good luck.

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Tomas 24 Mar 05

Java? Bleh. Once you start working with Rails, you never want to work with anything else again.

Steve, via Den, Fla and now RDU 24 Mar 05

Java? Rails? C….it’ll put hair on your chest.