A Halloween treat from Backpack: $5 off an upgrade Ryan 26 Oct 2005

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Digging Backpack? On the free plan and considering an upgrade? On a paying plan and considering upgrading to a better plan? Here’s a little Halloween treat for you: When you’re on the upgrade screen (click the “Account” link and then click one of the “Upgrade” buttons), enter “ZH1ZUFE57M” into the coupon code box and you’ll save $5. This offer is only good until midnight on October 31st.

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Don Wilson 26 Oct 05

Score! I didn’t even have to say trick or treat, either!

LB 26 Oct 05


Practice what you preach guys!

JF 26 Oct 05

ZH1ZUFE57M — you can’t pronounce that?

Mike Zornek 26 Oct 05

Of course, I upgraded yesterday and the discount comes out today. Oh well, I guess — it’s worth the cost by itself.

Andy 26 Oct 05

�ZH1ZUFE57M�? That’s not very user friendly now is it?

I suggest using a clearly labeled checkbox: “I know the secret code - really. Now give me the discount.”

AlanOptimist 26 Oct 05

I’m guessing that’s a one-off saving eh? And not a saving each month if you happen to upgrade now?

JF 26 Oct 05

One-off, yes.

Ben Sinclair 26 Oct 05

This is off-topic, I’d like to see some discussion of your payment processing implementation someday.

I’m sure there are plenty of us Railsers that have or will be implementing payment processing. Getting a merchant account, choosing a payment processor, etc. can be confusing at first.

JF 26 Oct 05

I haven’t used Google Base yet so I can’t comment, but it sounds like an interesting idea. I don’t know if it’s related to Backpack or not. We’ll have to wait and see.

Arlo 27 Oct 05

Do this for Basecamp and you’ll have a deal…

florisla 28 Oct 05

Concerning the ZH1ZUFE57M ‘magic word’…

Why do you guys don’t encode your randomness in Bubble Babble? See http://wiki.yak.net/589 .