A List Apart joins the Job Board Jason 31 May 2006

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Starting today A List Apart, the preeminent resource for web designers and developers, will be displaying one random job from the Job Board in the sidebar on every page. A List Apart serves up a few million targeted page views every month. It’s great exposure for anyone looking to fill a web design, programming or executive position. Read what Mr. Zeldman has to say about it.

So, if you’re looking to fill a position, the Job Board just got even better. You’ll reach the best of the best on Signal vs. Noise and A List Apart. This added coverage nearly guarantees you’ll reach the right people for the right job.

Special thanks goes to Jeffrey Zeldman, Jason Santa Maria, and Dan Benjamin for making this happen so quickly.

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Terry Tolleson 31 May 06

I am continually impressed by the efforts and accomplishments of the ALA Team.

I wonder, however, if there is a means to organize the list based on location? I think it great to view jobs by type, and it isn’t inconvenient to scan the list for my particular city/state, but going one step further to organize via location would be nice too.

Keeran 31 May 06

The machine just keeps going - brilliant stuff. Come on UK employers - I haven’t seen a job posted from a UK company yet - make the most of the exchange rate!

Edward 31 May 06

Mmmph. Certainly takes a significant amount of attention away from The Deck. Ah screen real estate.

Dean 31 May 06

Ack! When was the Job Board redesigned (I haven’t looked in a while. - It used to be so much easier to read by location (as Terry T. also mentions above).

I also liked the smaller text before…

Anonymous Coward 31 May 06

How does this not conflict with The Decks, “The Deck ad is the only ad on the page.”? I guess an ad only means a little square banner ad?

Not that it matters. It’s not like you are making people use either service. People know what they are getting.

Mark 31 May 06

So does the job board have a similar arrangement as the Deck where only certain sites are approved to display content?

Since you provide RSS feeds for the listings, anyone can display and “join” the job board (technically speaking) — right?

JF 31 May 06

Mark, anyone with a job to fill can post an ad. There is no approval process.

If you want to display Job Board listings on your site you certainly can, but you won’t be paid to do so.

Dan Grossman 31 May 06

It does seem to conflict with The Deck, as I’d consider it an ad too.

JF 31 May 06

The Deck is for advertising products and services. If sites ran Adwords, or ad banners, or blogads, or adbrite, then it would be a violation.

The Job Board is a resource for people to list and find jobs. It’s entirely different in spirit and execution.

Dan Grossman 31 May 06

I wouldn’t have mentioned anything except for this quote:

“If you want to display Job Board listings on your site you certainly can, but you won�t be paid to do so.”

Is A List Apart being paid to show the job listing? That seems like advertising. But I do doubt any of The Deck’s potential advertisers will consider it real competition for the space, so no harm.

scott brooks 31 May 06

“The Job Board is a resource for people to list and find jobs. It�s entirely different in spirit and execution.”JF

Absolutley different in my eyes
Jobboard….find job make money
The deck … find service or product spend money

seems different to me



Daniel Lynch 31 May 06

Man, I knew you were working on a new advertising project! Wow, congrats - more great stuff like this! You gotta love ads!!

Aaron B. 31 May 06


The Job Board is a product/service of 37signals. If it was only a resource, then you wouldn’t be charing people to post a job. It’s that simple. Having the job board on A List Apart and your site is in direct oppostion to the rules of The Deck.

That being said, I think both The Deck and Job Board are worth-while services. Just take off the line about The Deck ad being the only ad on the page, and I think you will still have the same client base.

john 31 May 06

You can pay me to add job links to my site. I think I get like 5 vistors a day.

I think the job board is great! Congrats to you and ALA. Now if Sacramento based companies would use it.

coudal 31 May 06

The Deck was never intended to preclude member sites from persuing their own projects. We talk about Jewelboxing and The Show all the time at Coudal.com. A List Apart talks about Event Apart conferences. Gruber sells tees and memberships. The Morning New does big involved features that have sponsors attached to them. The Job Board is a 37s project, just like BC, BP, CF and TDN.

Aaron B. 31 May 06


You are exactly right! And that is why it violates The Deck rules to have the Job Board on A List Apart. As you said, “The Job Board is a 37s project, just like BC, BP, CF and TDN.”

Would it be okay to have Jewelboxing on A List Apart? No, and that’s why you have it in The Deck.

Daniel Lynch 31 May 06

What a load of bullshit, coudal - and I love it! :) You see I’m the queen of bullshittin’ - and there’s this song by this extinct Swedish pop group [I’m Swedish] that totally reminds me of you folks - maybe you’ve heard of it?

“Money, Money, Money..”

Also, there’s another song by this chick called Meja linked on my website that really captures what you communicate with this sort of additions to your lovely little red light zones, but I think you’ve stopped listening long time ago so why am I even saying this?

Coudal 31 May 06

Well if you put it that way Aaron I guess I’d consider the Job Board an ALA project too. :)

Aaron B. 31 May 06

Coudal — Then why don’t you just ask all these other sites to have Jewelboxing ads on their sites… You can give them some $$ too, and so it can be their project too!! I just don’t understand why you have chosen to use The Deck instead of finding a loop hole like 37s did.

I just hope you don’t get sued one day by one of The Deck customers. If I had an ad through The Deck, I would have serious concerns.

John 31 May 06

I really don’t understand what all the fuss is about. The Deck and the Job Board are two completely unrelated services… apples and oranges, and all that.

The focus should be on the amazing additional exposure for job posts — a massive increase in value for employers, and for no extra charge? Incredible.

Great move.

DHH 31 May 06

Aaron, I believe we have yet to hear from any of The Deck customers voicing concerns about this. So far, the only concerns we’ve heard are from people interpreting the rules of The Deck in other ways than we, the writers of the rules, do and then assume a “won’t somebody please think of the children” stance. Excuse us if that’s not exactly bleeping high on the o-matters-meter.

Aaron B. 31 May 06

DHH — You’re right. I never said my opinion needed to matter for anything… just voicing it. I did not realize it needed to in order to post on SVN.

DHH 31 May 06

The problem is not with voicing an opinion, but with the unsubstantiated drama its wrapped in, like “I just hope you don�t get sued one day by one of The Deck customers”.

Aaron B. 31 May 06

DHH — Sorry, that is my opinion. No drama to it. The fact is, that I think both the Job Board and The Deck are great services. I truly do hope that one of The Deck customers does not one day have a major problem with your interpretation of the rules. All I have ever said, is that I would, if I was a Deck customer.

scott brooks 31 May 06

I have spoken to a one advertiser on the deck. Thier take on it ….best investment that they had made. They used the word investment also …that wasn’t my paraphrasing

Everyone always hates to see someone else make money.
The real thing that would be important to me if i was caretaker of SVN …


That is the important number and that is the number that i have watched grow and grow and grow.

Your doing stuff right …keep on keeping on!



Mark 31 May 06

If I may make one constructive inquiry regarding the job board:

SvN is not an application per se, so I’ve been wondering since the introduction of the job board…why use JS to display the random position at the top?

I use a Sidekick to read a handful of sites while commuting; it works quite well. I use it to read SvN. I also disable JavaScript on it so that I don’t have to download and wait for JS to run when I’m only interested in reading content.

The featured position at the top of SvN is invisible when JS is off, on a page that would seem not to require JS. Was there any specific reason for this?

Gayle 31 May 06


(I think it’s great, good for employers, good for job-seekers. Well done.)

Dan 31 May 06

Re: sorting by location

I simply subscribe to the entire RSS feed using Thunderbird, then filter out all jobs that (in my case) don’t include “Melbourne” or “Anywhere”. That way, it’s basically jobs delivered to my inbox.

Chad Sakonchick 01 Jun 06

JF and Coudal,

I think you guys are missing the point why people are miffed. The fact is ya’ll keep saying one thing and doing another. “There will be no other ads but the deck.” Then it’s alright to advertise your own products and services(I don’t quarrel with that argument). But displaying the job board service on A List Apart is no different than displaying ads for monster.com. You can call it a resource all day, but it’s still a service which you make money on.

I could really care less, I’m sure your advertisers don’t care that much either if they are getting value from the deck. But the simple fact of matter is that it is in violation of the deck if A List Apart is making money off of it.