A nice touch from Yahoo! Local 28 Mar 2005

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Google improves their maps, but Yahoo improves their locations. When you search for an address on Yahoo Local, they now tell you the cross streets. Nice little touch to help you find what you’re looking for. Sure, driving directions are nice, but sometimes you don’t need all that detail. A little “it’s near this street and that street” can really help you wrap your head around the location quickly.

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Josh 29 Mar 05

Google Maps is pure genius. It’s usability plus. Everyone I’ve shown in to likes it so much better than MapQuest.

Gordon 29 Mar 05

Yahoo is certainly stepping up, can only be good for us if Google and Yahoo continue to try and out “feature” each other.

Anusha Perera 29 Mar 05

Can the maps be improved to view the aerial view of the cross streets (using TerraServer, etc). Something along the lines of 360 degrees virtual tour.

Kim Siever 29 Mar 05

Now, if Yahoo! can just expand outside of the USA.

Hakim 29 Mar 05

Thank you for the Cafe de Luca reference. For a former Chicagoan, that brought back some memories.