A Ricky Gervais podcast? 07 Sep 2005

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Vote YES. Please!

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Raymond Brigleb 07 Sep 05

Oh my goodness yes.

Tom Loudon 07 Sep 05

Consider it done! I can’t wait.

What did everyone think of extras?

Darrel 07 Sep 05

that’s an odd survey. Sort of like asking if you eat bologna at bolognaLovers.com

Jake Good 07 Sep 05

a definite yes

Stuart Sutherland 08 Sep 05

Please God no, do not give this guy this sort of exposure unless the thing is to be scripted. Off the cuff he is a completely boring, one trick pony - self-obsessed and really rather dull. His stand-up is third-rate. His TV work is fabulous. He’s overexposed and should stick to the day job.

David Craig 13 Sep 05

Even better bring him back as a DJ

marco 09 Nov 05

Ricky Gervais is great, in the truest sense of the word.
I already read about the podcast, and heard it was together with Stephen Merchant and Kirk Something (forgot his actual name), and am extremely excited. I think it would be great.

by the way, he’s not dull of self obsessed at all.