A sketchbook game of telephone Matt 14 Sep 2005

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sketchbookFor thirty-six weeks covering a total of 60,000 miles, a sketchbook was sent between four artists, two in Brooklyn and two in Belfast. Every Wednesday, one artist in the collective would receive the sketchbook. It was sent back out the following Monday, giving each artist five days to complete a spread in response to the one that preceded it. A small portion of each entry extends on to the following page. By February, 2004, the book had become a seventy-two page visual conversation composed of drawings, paintings, maps, photographs, smashed cans and mosaic tile.

“We never talked about what each spread meant while we were making book,” explained one contributor, Brooklyn artist Mac Premo. “So it was like a game of telephone, except the structure that was in flux was based on visual response rather than words.”

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dmr 14 Sep 05

Yes, this is quite a lovely project. I ordered “the book” about 2 months back and it’s a great piece really. The collaborations have excellent flow between pages. What appears to be a very thick and well-used book translated fairly well to the slim reproduction; a nice cover and paper stock helped carry this farther I think. Great work from some solid collage artists. Highly recommended; go buy it!

blaine cook 15 Sep 05

I’d highly recommend EatPoopYouCat, a game that’s somewhere in-between Exquisite Corpse and Telephone. Try googling, plenty of examples out there.

The very strange name, by the way, is from the first sentence written during the first game ever played.