A Ta-da List Widget? 28 Sep 2005

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This guy needs your help to finish his OS X widget for Ta-da List.

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Mark Gallagher 28 Sep 05

Sorry if this is off topic a bit.

Am I missing something with the function of Ta-Da lists ?

How do you delete an item in your Done list ?

The only way I can figure it out is to move it back to the To Do list (by unchecking it), clicking on Edit, click on the “X” to delete and and click save. That’s four clicks.

And the step of moving it back to the To Do list (for a moment) seems a confusing backward step. The logical sequence is Added to the To Do list, it’s now done and moved to the Done List, and now it’s history and is easily deleted from the Done List.

I think the Edit page should include a list of the Done items with a clickable “X”.

Thanks for your time.


Dan 28 Sep 05

It’s nice to see what you’ve accomplished… and for it to stick around to remind you that you may want to do it again. Like, “Backup Ta-Da Widget” might want to be kept around.

John Y. 28 Sep 05

Why do you need to delete things from your Done list?

Mark Gallagher 28 Sep 05

Q: Why do you need to delete the Done list ?

A: Because if you are doing a daily or weekly To Do list, the Done list becomes irrelevant information within days or weeks.

It’s nice to see your Done list for a short time, but these tasks become ancient history after a couple of weeks.

John Y. 28 Sep 05

I dunno. I just move on to a fresh list once in a while. But whatever works for you, I guess.

Kyle 28 Sep 05

Just got my Powerbook yesterday; loaded up the Backpack widget for my account, very cool. Not sure if I need a Ta-da widget as I tend to use backpack more, but would still be nice to see the widget completed.

Mark Priestap 29 Sep 05

@Mark Gallagher

Another solution would be to just automatically hide the “old” ones after a certain number of days.