A variety of product recommendations 02 Mar 2005

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Here are some things I've been finding valuable as of late:

The $10 bill. Everyone else usually has 20s. Be the champ and keep 10s in your pocket.

Flysketch (Mac OS X) is a really useful little tool that lets you quicky annotate screenshots with boxes, highlighter, text, etc, and then shoot that shot directly to an email.

Christopher Alexander’s books and ideas.

The Mono Gemiini Teapot (small) is a gem with beautiful form and perfect for 2.5 cups. It's currently on sale for $95 (normally $140).

Dalwhinnie 15 yr Scotch (thanks to Mr. Spils at 43things).

Vyper laptop sleeve by Booq. Clean, simple, protective, thin laptop sleeve with minimalist style. Keeps my Powerbook snug and safe and takes up barely any additional space. Really highly recommended.

SpamSieve (Mac OS X) is the best spam filter I’ve ever used. Unreal accuracy and it keeps getting better. So far it’s 99% accurate over 8000 messages. Really great.

The Fisher Space Pen is small, compact, solid, metal, comfortable, and the ink is fed by gas pressure permitting the pen to write in any position. With a shelf life of 100 years, the onus is on you not to lose it.

Shure E3c headphones. Amazing, small, lightweight.

Tea Timer (Mac OS X) is a quick little dock-based countdown timer that slaps you with the chimes of Big Ben when the time is up.

Roland V-Drums let me bang away without the neighbors getting pissed.

Blood oranges make the sweetest juice.

Make: Magazine. Great idea, great execution. A pleasure to stroll through and be inspired.

SurveyMonkey makes it fast and easy to set up online surveys. Really nice and simple web-app.

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Ray 15 Mar 05

RE the single malt scotch: A surprisingly flavorful but mellow and pleasant one is SCAPA. I recommend it highly.

mkb 17 Mar 05

Having read a few rave reviews, I went and ordered a Fisher Space Pen. The design is undeniably clever. It compact when stored and yet fills the hand nicely when used.

Still, the Fisher suffers from the same ill as most other ballpoints, namely it has a hard time writing on glossy surfaces. Only the more porous surfaces take Fisher Space ink well. It was fine in my Moleskine, but writing on index cards was such a drag that the Fisher only lasted a week in my pocket before I went back to the trusty (and much cheaper) Unibal Vision Micro.

I’m still amazed when I see other people get so excited about the Fisher. Don’t they have the same troubles I do? Perhaps it’s a lefty thing. Sure, the Fisher is small, but it most circumstances a normal-size pen can fit into a pocket just about as well as a Fisher.