Accuweather Redesign Blog Matt 04 Apr 2005

17 comments Latest by rsha has set up a blog devoted to its redesign (it will later serve as a guide to the new site). The blog details new features, bug reports, and solicits feedback from beta testers (which the team is eating up).

You guys rock! Not only am I getting bug reports as people use the site, but you guys and gals are actually sending in screen captures and detailed messages about how you found the error (i.e. I did this, then this, then this, and then this didn’t work.) I’m really floored.

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Will Morris 04 Apr 05

We started one when we redesigned Cornell University’s site. It was way more popular than we had imagined and became our central channel for design feedback and bug fixes. We even posted design comps. I was worried, but we got a ton of useful content and technical feedback. There was no downside to having the communication wide open.

David Benton 06 Apr 05

That’s excellent. I’ll have to keep this in mind for any future redesigns. Thanks for pointing it out.

Some Designer 08 Apr 05

Feedback has been awesome so far, this was one of the smartest things we’ve done with regard to the redesign. Not only are we getting a lot of great suggestions and ideas, we’re building the site in a collaborative fashion that gives our visitors ownership in the final product. (Many, many comments have actually been incorporated into the final revision.) I’d highly recommend the process to anyone facing a large scale redesign project with a B-to-C website. (As an aside, great work Will on the Cornell site!)

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