Amber MacArthur and Leo Laporte interview David for the Inside the Net podcast Jason 02 Aug 2006

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Listen to David talk Rails (and why he chose Ruby), 37signals, Basecamp, development time, small teams, rapid development, programmer happiness, screencasts, acting in your own self interest, Textmate, not having to manage people, the “man month” and the mirage of the 8-hour day, and all the other stuff that David loves to rant about. Thanks to Amber and Leo for conducting the interview (here’s my interview with them from last year).

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Jeff Croft 02 Aug 06

Sweet, thanks for pointing it out. Always love to hear DHH talk. I’m only half way through it, but so far, it’s great. Brilliant guy, and well-spoken, to boot.

Have to say he sounds a bit like Fred the Macintalk guy on this podcast, though. :)

Rob Goodlatte 03 Aug 06

Just getting into ROR and this kind of stuff is great motivation. Thanks for the heads up.

Dunks 03 Aug 06

Fantastic to hear what DHH has to say. Just dipping toe into the ROR waters for the first time and found this interview a great motivator.

Lesard Generators 03 Aug 06

Fantastic to hear what DHH has to say.

James Head 03 Aug 06

Hey, - if anyone has a link for a text transcript, - please post!


Don Wilson 03 Aug 06

Love Leo!

Brad M. 03 Aug 06

Love Amber too ;-)

Rabbit 03 Aug 06

Actually, I thought Leo tried to control the conversation a bit. He almost seemed to answer his own questions… (or asked loaded questions).

There was one time Leo tried to interupt and David pwned his ass. It was great! :) (Pwned him by continuing to talk.)

paulo 03 Aug 06

there’s something about Leo’s interviews that just don’t sit well with me. he can be entertaining at time but every time I listen to one of his podcasts there are always a few times where I just cringe at the stuff that comes out of his mouth.

Arnie McKinnis 04 Aug 06

I believe they also own TeleFlora - a FTD type company.

Ben 04 Aug 06

Any chance of a written transcript for those of us who are deaf? So much for accessibility…!