An interview about Basecamp at O’Reilly 10 Mar 2005

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Marc Hedlund just posted an interview with me about Basecamp. In the interview I discuss some of the reasons behind the development of Basecamp, some of the decisions we made (including going with Ruby over PHP), our feelings about software in general, the appoach we take when developing a product, and more. Thanks for the interview, Marc!

If you're at eTech in San Diego next week, I hope you can catch my Lessons Learned while Building Basecamp session. It's only 45 minutes, but I'll hit on a lot of topics (some controversial) that we feel are important to building great products.

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Fred, the real Fred 11 Mar 05

Nice job.

UltraBob 11 Mar 05

It seems that Enormicon may also have fallen victim to the rm -rf command. I tried to follow the link from the oreilly interview and got a Not Found error.

Steve, via Den, Fla and now RDU 11 Mar 05

It says right on the Nite-Quil/Day-Quil box do not operate heavy machinery or use the Unix commad rm -rf.

Dave Woodward 11 Mar 05

Boy the purple sure pops against the big green text. Maybe a little too much? But over all I like how the new design is progressing. Why isn’t 37signals on the Studio tour for the HOW design conference in June? Segura inc. is. If you guys were too, I’d be even more tempted to go :)

reality check 13 Mar 05

37siganls at HOW? don’t think so. segura has earned it.