“Apache” by Tommy Seebach Matt 22 Sep 2005

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“Apache” by Tommy Seebach is 1977 music video brilliance. Weird facial hair, weirder facial expressions, sweet outfits, dancing apache girls, and lots of rockin’ in nature. And is that a young Jakob Nielsen on drums?

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Dan Boland 22 Sep 05


(And if there was ever a song that sounded like porn, here it is.)

Kyle 22 Sep 05

That’s fantastic, the goofy, big smile laugh, combined with his outfit makes it all the more entertaining.

Btw, that link is home to some entertaining videos. The man-boobs video is particularly entertaining.


Jeff Hartman 22 Sep 05

Pure genius.

vin 22 Sep 05

If anyone was Flanders in persona, it’s Tommy Seebach.

Brian 22 Sep 05

I loved it instantly, and then I remembered why�it’s on Heavenly’s Social Classics Volume 3 - Dread Meets B-Boys Downtown. Different version though, by Michael Viner’s Incredible Bongo Band. Great compilation.

dm 22 Sep 05


dm 22 Sep 05


This video makes up for the butchering of a song that has had so many good covers.

Thomas 22 Sep 05

Something’s rotten in the state of Denmark…

Soraya 22 Sep 05

Warning - this video may cause loss of bladder control.

paul 22 Sep 05

Encore! Encore!

LedZep could learn a thing or 2 from these gods for R&R.


Jacob B�tter 22 Sep 05

The real funny thing about this isn’t the content of that video, but the fact that the clip has been taped from national Danish television the station DR (Danmarks Radio) is now trying to remove it. They already made lawyers call danish bloggers, so you should watch out. Although I am not quite sure what they would do against BoingBoing, Google etc.

Dan Hartung 22 Sep 05

Uh, it’s at IFILM. I bet IFILM’s lawyers are about as good as Danish TV’s lawyers. If not, it’s a simple DMCA request.

Ben Askins 23 Sep 05

Ahhh… prog disco bliss.

Ashton 27 Sep 05

That’s really nice.

Don Schenck 28 Sep 05

That’s my era! I dressed like that … amazingly true to form.

Great stuff.


Someone just told me it’s a spoof. What? … I actually like it!

Tobias 03 Oct 05

Don: It’s certainly not a spoof

Tommy Seebach (1949-2003)