Apple includes Rails with Leopard Jason 07 Aug 2006

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Rails turns 2 and Apple sends over a little birthday gift: Ruby on Rails will be included with Leopard (both server and client). It’s been quite an amazing ride for a little web application framework we extracted from Basecamp (Basecamp was the first Rails app and the reason Rails exists today).

Copied from the Rails Blog:

We’ve been working with Apple for quite a while to make this happen and its great to finally be able to share it with the world. The love for Ruby has definitely spread inside Apple and we’ve been thrilled to see the level of interest they’ve taken to get OS X to be a premiere development and deployment platform for Rails… It’s been no secret that Apple is held in very high regard by the Rails community. Every single Rails Core contributer is running on Apple and the vast majority of Rails developers are too. To see Apple acknowledge this and return the favor is very rewarding… Thanks so much to Ernest Prabhakar, Jordan Hubbard, and Dave Morin for making this happen.

Happy birthday Rails and thanks Apple.

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Nathaniel 07 Aug 06

Happy Birthday, Rails!

Congratulations, 37Signals.

The Wog 07 Aug 06

Excellent News!

Congrats and Happy B-day!

Now, if you could only get Microsoft to do the same with .NET!

Jack Shedd 07 Aug 06

That’s excellent guys. Well done!

Doug Clotch - 07 Aug 06

Congrats Guys.

Rails and Apple will get benefit from this. Apple will get new market, the developers.

The future looks bright. I gotta wear shades.

Tyson Caly 07 Aug 06

That’s pretty sweet guys. Well done, and congrats.

Kevo Thomson 07 Aug 06

… and in exchange you gave them ‘To Do’ lists? ;)

Gordon Montgomery 07 Aug 06


(in the true and un-hackneyed sense of that word ;)

Don Schenck 07 Aug 06

Wog — .NET IS included with XP — at least the framework.

And there are some Open Source IDE’s. Well, at least one — C Sharp.

I know, I know … it’s not Rails. But … well … OKAY YOU WIN! It’s NOT Rails and it’s NOT the same.

Good work, Jason and crew. Glad I could help. *COUGH*

Ryan McMinn 07 Aug 06

Awesome! So what’s next…Steve Jobs investing in 37 Signals :)

Ubertor 07 Aug 06

Congrats Guys. Your on fire!

JF 07 Aug 06

Steve Jobs investing in 37signals

We’d settle for a lunch with Steve.

Brandon Eley 07 Aug 06

Wow, congrats! It was a pain getting everything installed so I could test and develop locally on my MacBook Pro. I’m looking forward to Leopard - a lot of cool features and enhancements.

dave rau 07 Aug 06

Horray! Now I can finally be OK with giving up on installing all that nerdery myself. Excellent.

Chad 07 Aug 06

I guess you don’t want to bad mouth a company (Apple) that just promoted a product of yours (bundling Rails with OS X).

Oh wait, I almost forgot … 37signals already has bad mouthed a company who greatly promoted them. It was BusinessWeek back in March of this year.

Ross Hill 07 Aug 06

That’s fantastic. Congratulations to everyone involved :)

Ismo Ruotsalainen 07 Aug 06

Congratulations, 37s! I quess this is BIG step for you and Rails.

Apple is moving very fast on the markets.

MikeInAZ 08 Aug 06

Chad, thanks for fighting injustice in the world and keeping us safe from imperceptible inconsistencies!

JF 08 Aug 06

Chad, I know it hurts you to hear me say this but I don’t have the time or the motivation to scour the web on a daily quest to point out every exaggeration, half-truth, stretch, manipulation, lie, or otherwise potentially unsavory statement for you. You don’t seem to need my help with that anyway.

If I see something I think is worth pointing out on our blog I will. Most of the things we share on SvN are generally positive in nature, but once in a while something negative is worth a spotlight.

The BusinessWeek piece was worth pointing out. I wasn’t alone on that one either — hundreds of blog posts have been logged on it. So far the vast majority agree that it was a bullshit headline coming from a well-respected national business magazine. This wasn’t the Utne Reader talking about $, it was BusinessWeek. Anyhow, this topic has been analyzed to death so let’s put it to sleep.

Frankly I don’t know enough about computer chips or care enough about computer chips to even weigh in on the Apple quad thing. It’s out of my league. I’m sure those on both sides who know more about it than I do will have a field day though.

Jack Shedd 08 Aug 06

Chad, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with Apple calling it a quad. You’re just picking a fight and haggling semantics.

Sam 08 Aug 06

this is pretty cool guys, nice win

Lode 08 Aug 06

Chad: The Quad Xeon is just as Quad as the Quad G5 used to be: two processor dies/sockets, each with 2 cores.

Not every 4-way you see out there has 4 physical cpus, and the number of multi-core cpus will only rise.

STe 08 Aug 06

Apple have noticed a trend in the majority of Rails developers using Macs. Apple have seen an opportunity to exploit the developer community springing up around Rails and they are taking it. The decision is based on selling Macs rather then promoting Rails. However, by Apple pushing Rails, I can�t see it reaching anyone but developers - who already own Macs. Or most of them do. Your typical user isn�t going to use Rails. Currently, I don�t see how this will help Rails, apart from having it bundled as an extra. It will be useful for developers, but just another application to your average Joe. It does give Rails exposure, but only to those who want to see it. Can anyone fill me in on how this helps Rails?

Kenny 08 Aug 06

Pretty damn good for apple, 37sm rails and developers.


Magirus 08 Aug 06

Congratulation to the Rails Team. You deserve this!
It may not have much impact in terms of user count, but i feel it’s like a “Ritterschlag” from Apple to you
(Ritterschlag is german, I don’t know the proper term in english. It’s the ceremony where the queen/king tips on the shoulder of a new knight to make him feel how heavy that sword is…;-) )

Eloy Anzola 08 Aug 06

You in the Big League now, baby. In da Show!

Kudos. Congratulations.

Ryan Heneise 08 Aug 06

Man, I am totally stoked about this. I was just preparing a business case for ROR for a client, and this is *extremely* helpful. :)

Michael Schleifer 10 Aug 06

Not too surprising seeing that most Rail developers are MAC users, in any case nice job, and thanks for Basecamp ;)

Rajiv Perera 10 Aug 06

Congrats 37s!! Fantastic.
Waiting on Leopard…..!
Please Apple - no delays!)