Arrow Out Matt 27 Apr 2005

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Web arrows that think outside the box (at CodeZoo and ActiveWords):

Codezoo arrow

Activewords arrow

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yafujifide 27 Apr 05

But they’re still web arrows.

Buzz Bruggeman 27 Apr 05

Steven is exactly right!

Daniel did a great job on the ActiveWords arrow! We love having it on our site. First class design work from a very talented guy who is part of an even more talented team!

The SilverOrange guys rock!

Dan Boland 27 Apr 05

There’s nothing like a well-placed, well-executed graphic to give your site that little something extra.

MH 27 Apr 05

yafujifide: What makes them “Web arrows?” And why the “but?”

yafujifide 27 Apr 05

I called them “web arrows” because that’s what the original post called them. I was merely suggesting that if you really wanted to think outside the box, perhaps you could use something other than an arrow (not that I don’t think arrows are effective).

Berto 27 Apr 05

So is’s arrow inside the box?

Eamon 27 Apr 05

I don’t get the ActiveWords version. Am I supposed to click “go” or the thing the arrow is actually pointing at?

Tony 27 Apr 05

“I don�t get the ActiveWords version. Am I supposed to click �go� or the thing the arrow is actually pointing at?”

Really? Um, how ‘bout you click where there is a hyperlink…

--Josh 27 Apr 05

The arrow on the ActiveWords site is very nice by itself, but in context its style clashes with the rest of the site. Even worse, it further highlights how blurry the ActiveWords logo is. Having the logo redone with a nice crisp graphic and putting a better treatment on the (presumably) clip-art photos would transform the impression fom that page.

OMG 27 Apr 05

Man, they’re really pushing the arrow envelope there. Just amazing. Whatever.

i, designer. 27 Apr 05

that arrow is about the only nice thing on that activewords site…

Mr web designer 27 Apr 05

Should we be adding these arrows to the staple web designer toolkit of 45degree angles, bevels and lens flare effects?

Are they available in Flash?

Peter Cooper 27 Apr 05

Dont’t forget rounded corners and striped or pixellated sub-backgrounds, Mr. Web Designer! :)