Backpack makes the Wall Street Journal today 26 May 2005

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If you get the paper, check the front page sidebar [highlighting mine] of the Marketplace section, otherwise read Net-Based To-Do Lists Permit Collaboration By Family, Colleagues online. Basecamp and Ta-da List are also mentioned (as are productivity sites Lifehacker, 43 Folders, and newcomer To-Done). A special thanks to Thomas Weber for including us in the article.

Last week Backpack was also written up by Jeremy Wagstaff in the Wall Street Journal Online Edition. Setting your Online Agenda covers the reminders-side of Backpack while today’s article by Tom Weber covers the to-do list side of Backpack.

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Jaime Smith 26 May 05

Congratulations! That is huge. Front page WSJ. Well done.

Jaime Smith 26 May 05

Just noticed it’s front page Marketplace section, not front page. Nonetheless, great job.

Anonymous Coward 26 May 05


Dan Boland 26 May 05

Hope you guys enjoyed some champagne for that one. Congrats.

Amber 26 May 05


Kevin 26 May 05

It’s great when a smaller company gets well-deserved recognition for superior products.

Well done, and many happy returns.


JF 26 May 05

Thanks Kevin (and everyone)!

Adam Codega 26 May 05


Ben Rogers 26 May 05

Very nice. Good job with the obligatory-yet-completely-unneccessary tilt of the shot that makes everything but the title completely illegible.

Scott 26 May 05


Emily 26 May 05

Yeah! Well deserved. Happy people.

Mike F. 27 May 05

Congratulations, of course, but of particular interest to those of us seeking similar recognition for our products is just how you managed to pull this off (besides creating create products worthy of such attention).

How? How? How?

Larry Burningham 28 May 05

Just read about B.C. in Business 2.0 Some guy uses it to coordinate toy designs with overseas factories.

Bhavesh Patel 31 May 05

i too just was flipping through my copy of business 2.0 and couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw that those guys are running a 5.5 million dollar cross-border company using basecamp.

you’ve gotta smile at that…

keep up the great work and stick to your awesome philosophies!! even if you start driving to work in Aston Martin DB9s :)