Backpack Premium now $14/month Jason 13 Mar 2006

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We’ve dropped the top tier Backpack Premium account to $14/month from $19/month. Now each tier is no more than $5 apart from the previous tier. $5/month for Basic, $9/month for Plus, and $14/month for Premium. And of course there’s still the free account. Check out the updated account chart if you’re interested. And let’s all give a high five to economies of scale!

Oh, and rumor has it Backpack may grow a calendar one of these days. It’s just a rumor though…

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SvN Reader 13 Mar 06

Good to hear a price adjustment and a nice rumor! Keep up the great work!

Dan Boland 13 Mar 06

Why not just make it 5/10/15 instead of 5/9/14? Not being a jerk, just the OCD part of me is wondering.

I’m curious to see what your version of a calendar would be. I remember a post many months ago talking about different ways to represent a month’s worth of days.

engelgrafik 13 Mar 06

How many companies actually drop prices? Not many. Awesome job guys.

Britt 13 Mar 06

Me loves Backpack. I’m still using the free version and use 30boxes for my calendar. If you add a calendar, I promise to upgrade.

Rich 13 Mar 06

Jason, good news on the app. I bought Getting Real and listened to the SXSW podcast — loved them both and I love 37 signals’s philosophy.

However, may I suggest one improvement? You use the phrases “less money,” “less time” and “less features” a lot. When items are individualized, the phrase should be “fewer.” For example, I should eat less food, but fewer french fries, i.e. “fewer features.”

Not harking on you, but just a suggestion for the future. :-)

JF 13 Mar 06

Rich, “Less” is our thing. We say Less on purpose even if it’s technically incorrect.

CM 13 Mar 06

Does this mean it isn’t selling?

Larry 13 Mar 06

Economies Of Scale:
The increase in efficiency of production as the number of goods being produced increases. Typically, a company that achieves economies of scale lowers the average cost per unit through increased production since fixed costs are shared over an increased number of goods.

Steven Rummel 13 Mar 06

Just finished my copy of “Getting Real”. Useful, and above all, motivating. Best $ I ever spent on a business book - and I’m glad 100% goes to the creators. Makes me wish I had made it to the last seminar. I wish I could get my Project Management professors to read it - y’all should put out a textbook version. Thanks gents!

Tim 13 Mar 06

If we are going to do price cuts, could Campfire come down as well.

Saul Weiner 13 Mar 06

One question: Why?

Competitive pressure?

No reasoning. That’s just wierd.

Frank 13 Mar 06

[Saul Weiner] Probably because not many people purchase Backpack and when you compare the price of Backpack to Basecamp - it looks quite expensive for what you get.

JF 13 Mar 06

Saul: Why? 1. We can. Originally we thought it would be more expensive to provide that level of service, but it turned out not to be so we were able to lower the price on the top tier. 2. We wanted to make sure no plan was more than $5 more than the plan before it. $5 increments is more reasonable for a product like this than $10.

Don Wilson 13 Mar 06

It’s all about ease of managing the work in any way possible.

street 14 Mar 06


A few meetings with high ranking communist party officials and now China is the brawn behind 37 signals’ impossibly cheap scalability. Just remember folks, every time you upload another image or re-order that list of ‘action items’, a poor Chinese peasant works another hour slaving away for about $1 a day.

street 14 Mar 06

oh, and you don’t even want to know how campfire Really works…

Frank 14 Mar 06

[Street] What are you talking about?

Michael Ward 14 Mar 06

The price on your homepage is now wrong (say $5-$19).

Jocke 20 Mar 06

Oh a calendar! Please make it so you kind and clever men! If I also can SHARE my calendar with my wife you would really increase the quality of my life.

Narendra 21 Mar 06

Don’t do a calendar. We (30b) have already been charged with competing against cl2 and definitely don’t need backpackit adding more confusion to our world ;-)