Basecamp API update and Basecamp for Tablet PCs Jason 08 Jun 2006

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By popular demand we’ve just added time tracking access to the Basecamp API. We’re looking forward to seeing what people dream up with time tracking API access.

And, check this out: Some creative folks have put together a mini version of Basecamp that runs on Tablet PC using the Basecamp API. Here’s the screencast of it in action. Very very cool. This is a great example of using the API to customize Basecamp for your own specific needs and usage patterns. well done.

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Noah Winecoff 08 Jun 06

Simple and to the point interface. I could definitley see this being used “out in the field”. Especially since you can hand write tasks/etc.

Ryan Heneise 08 Jun 06

Cool! Just the other day I was thinking how nice it would be to manage my projects from my handheld.

pwb 08 Jun 06

Can you give us any idea about how much usage your various APIs are experiencing?

JF 08 Jun 06

pwb, I think in general APIs aren’t used as much as we all like to think they are being used. I don’t have specific numbers, but relative to normal access it’s very very small.

The nice thing about Rails (the latest version we’re developing Sunrise on) is that APIs “come for free” so it’s barely any more work to release an API.

Jim Cuene 08 Jun 06

Will you guys eventually have a list somewhere of the known public/available implementations of the API for Basecamp?

Randal "sw0rdfish" Santia 08 Jun 06


Thanks guys! We’re totally going to make good use of this!

Sick! Wicked! and Twisted!~

Luke Melia 09 Jun 06

I like the API documentation. Are you generating this in any way or is it maintained manually?