Basecamp: Free Basic plan for teachers Jason 18 Nov 2005

Update: This offer is no longer valid.

There’s been a lot of interest in Basecamp from the educational community lately. Teachers are using it to manage their classrooms, students are using it to collaborate on group projects. Teachers and students have also latched on to Writeboard — using it religiously to collaborate on group papers and submit assignments for editing.

We want to help make this easier.

If you are using Basecamp in an educational setting (k-12, college, or special education) drop us a line and we’ll comp a Basic level account for you. We know how expensive it can be to be a teacher (spending your own money from time to time on supplies and books), so hopefully this will help soften the blow. You can email support at basecamphq dot com and we’ll take care of you. We hope this helps.