Basecamp in Business 2.0 (via Kidrobot) 14 Jun 2005

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Visit your local newsstand and pick up the June issue of Business 2.0. Michael Copeland’s cover story, “The New Instant Companies,” riffs on “how today’s startups are going from idea to $30 million hit — overnight.” Page 84 and 85 feature a case study on Kidrobot and how they use Basecamp to manage their $5.5 million dollar business (which was $0 just three years ago) and keep their designers in New York and their engineers and manufacturers in China on the same page. Paul Budnitz, Kidrobot CEO, says the entire process with Basecamp “is stupid simple.”

With $5.5mil in sales, and stores in New York, LA, and San Francisco, Kidrobot’s 11 employees are another great example of making big things happen with small teams. Congrats on your success, Paul and the rest of the team.

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dmr 14 Jun 05

$5.5M! I’m astonished by that figure. I wonder how many other businesses like this is doing so well. Threadless did $1.6M last year; makes me wonder about places like Art Prostitute doing self-publishing. And what about artists like Kinsey, Soto, Fairey, Bozic who are all plugged into this kind of online merch. It’s really quite amazing.

Peter Cooper 14 Jun 05

My problem is finding people to join the team(s). I’m the developer, designer, copywriter, marketer, SEO guy, and, well, it all gets a bit too much sometimes - but I do well. There aren’t many talented people out there who either don’t have exciting things of their own going on, or who don’t have full-time jobs and have the time to work magic.

Getting the team together is a lot harder than developing something cool. The RobotCoop shows how cool things can easily happen if you group a bunch of smart people together with a small clump of money. All the talented people I know, however, need to work day jobs.

Jason Nelson 14 Jun 05

Where’d you get that figure about threadless?

Randy 14 Jun 05

The Threadless figure is from Wired.

Andrew 15 Jun 05

Quiet hippie!

kmilden 16 Jun 05

Medium Footwear is close to that financially and we use Basecamp in a similar way (designers and developers all over the world). Since then I have turned at least six other companies on to it. We look everywhere for something and when we found Basecamp we knew our search was over.

louis 17 Jun 05

wish i could find this mag in nyc. i called a couple big news places and they do not carry it.

anyone know a place in the city to get it?

Josh 19 Jun 05

It’s a pretty common magazine. You shouldn’t have problems finding at any normal newstand/book store such as Barnes and Noble.