Big Shot Bob strikes again Matt 20 Jun 2005

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21 points (almost all in the 4th quarter and OT), 5 for 6 3-point shooting, and a monster dunk in overtime to seal the win. Now what was that about Robert Horry being the NBA’s best con man (“nurtured, coddled, and defended against reality”)?

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wha? 20 Jun 05

You talking to me? I never said anything about him.

Chris from Scottsdale 20 Jun 05

He was talking to me.

Walter Walterson 20 Jun 05

Quit interupting.

Josh Williams 20 Jun 05

Dude, you so totally stole my post. I couldn’t believe the Slate article when I read it a few days ago… Couldn’t help but think the words “Eat” and “Crow” all throughout the 4th Q and OT last night. Watching Rob’s arm pop out during the lefty dunk was unreal, but the 3-ball to seal the deal was timeless.

What a friggin’ moron. More superstars owe their rings to Big Shot Rob than to any other role player.

Alex Giron 20 Jun 05

That was an awesome game…. Robert Horry is the man! what a dunk!

Britt 20 Jun 05

During the first three quarters of play, Horry was living up to that article, but what a change during the 4th quarter! And with Duncan trying to hand Detroit the game, how could they let that one go?

Horry has definitely learned how to enjoy the game and not feel the pressure.

Imagine someone on your team who doesn’t contribute much to your project, but down the stretch when the client is complaining and you’re too frustrated and overworked, that person comes up with the solution to save the project. How would you feel about that person?

David 20 Jun 05

He was so damn money last night. Money, money, money.

Sunny 21 Jun 05

He prefers to be called Rob not Bob.

Seth 21 Jun 05

I will forever hate Horry for what he did to my Kings a few years back, but you gotta give it to the dude, he’s a gamer.

That dunk over Hamilton in the 4th was SICK. Who didn’t see that last shot coming? I think everyone but the Pistons…

Kevin 21 Jun 05

Where have all the good topics gone? Good grief SVN is getting lame.

Lisa 21 Jun 05

You mean people are still interested in the NBA?

Stuart 21 Jun 05

Yes, he had a classic performance, but lets not go crazy. He is not hall of fame, he is simply put THE LUCKIEST PLAYER IN NBA HISTORY. He has played with the 3 greatest big men, in their prime, of the last 25 years: Hakeem, Shaq, and now Duncan. If he were not in their company, most people in this string would not even know his name. And he would have about zero rings.

Chris K 21 Jun 05

Greg Anthony made a great comment on Sportscenter about Robert Horry. He said his legacy isn’t based on stats. That confirms the Slate article, but you can’t deny that he has hit some big shots in the playoffs. he’s no Michael Jordan, but then he’s never been asked to be.

8500 21 Jun 05

When Rasheed doubled up on Manu and I saw Robert Horry step in from out of bounds, wide open, my heart sank before he even released the ball.

5 rings (on his way to 6)
made playoffs every year of his career
(only active player to do that I believe)
3 series changing playoff shots on his high-light reel
Hall of Fame (I hope)

Brian 21 Jun 05

In that article linked above, Horry cites why it’s good to be him. If he comes through in the clutch, he’s a hero and a legend; if he fails, it’s no fault of his, blame the stars.

He’s been lucky to fall in with some good teams that have carried him through the seasons, got him through entire games and series in the playoffs, providing him with the opportunity to chuck it up at the last minute, occasionally he hits it, good for him, and what do you know he’s a hall of famer? Ok, that’s valid.

Dan Boland 21 Jun 05

I haven’t given a crap about the NBA in years. I prefer the action and intensity of the college game myself, even though my beloved alma mater finished with a whopper of a record — 1-30.

8500 21 Jun 05

“He�s been lucky to fall in with some good teams”

I would argue that point. He doesn’t “fall” into good teams. Those teams deliberately select him because he is an amazing support player. Each roster can only have 12 active players at once. It is no accident that 3 different championship caliber teams have selected him for one of those coveted spots. There is no luck any where in that equation.

kirkaracha 21 Jun 05

He’s no Michael Jordan, but he’s made more three-pointers in the NBA Finals than Jordan (or anyone else). It would’ve been a good idea to D him up.

Brian 21 Jun 05

Ok. You’re right, 8500, not. Maybe, as Bill Walton might say (or might have already), “Robert Horry is the greatest player ever to walk onto the court.” :]

But, yes, it would definitely have been a good idea to D him up. I can’t believe that.

Russ Wittmann 21 Jun 05

Big Shot Bob is a clutch player.

Stuart O'Neil 21 Jun 05

8 pts. 4 boards. 2 assists. Game 6 loss. Clutch? Not tonight. And that is the difference between a Hall of Famer and a good role player. The Hall of Famer brings it every night. Horry does not and cannot. He is a great role player on a team where he can be the 3rd or 4th option. A nice place to be in for a 6’10” guy who can hit the 3 or finish in the lane. And good for the team that has him on the roster. I wish he was on the Pistons. I would feel better about game 7.