Blog + IM + Attitude = 2lmc Ryan 17 Jun 2005

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OK, so the disclaimer says “We hate you all. Yes, especially you. Sod off and DIE.” Like most cool things brewing in the net’s underbelly, 2lmc is geeky and crass. But boy is the design hot.

First, check the home page. Love the huge text. Then hit the Spool, where things get interesting. The Spool is a blog where each post is made of chunks of text and the author appears to the left of each chunk. In some posts, the authors post chunks one after the other to form a thread. The post itself becomes a chat log.

It’s great to see someone break the rules for how blog software should work. As blogs become more widespread, it’s natural that people in the underground will begin to resist the template and dream up totally new and cool ways to insult, offend, and hopefully inform.

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Dan Boland 17 Jun 05

Personally, I think the whole thing looks like shit. To each his own.

kmilden 17 Jun 05

punk as fuck. Love the phone on the desk. So true.

seth 17 Jun 05

not as cool as cracklog.

Brian 17 Jun 05

I agree Dan.

Here is a website that looks like 1996 — hot design? It’s only missing the flamming logo. Totally new? Maybe totally old.

I’m not one to rip on someone else’s work because I am no designer but to make these statements is a little out there.

JohnO 17 Jun 05

“Design” is hot. Not style. The crux of their design lies in getting attention (all PR is good PR…) If they have to offend you to do it, so be it. I think what Ryan is trying to point out - mostly - is the threading. No one has yet threaded blog posts, which is great when you’re having a conversation. The only thing about this site, the conversation is mostly useless :)

Anonymous Coward 17 Jun 05

Drupal has had threaded blog posts foreeeeveeeer

Wesley Walser 18 Jun 05

I was wondering if this was some kind of test to see if people would all say the liked it because it was on Signal vs. Noise, and then start poping off sites that looked like it.

Judging from the comments thus far however, thats probably not going to happen.

Fred 18 Jun 05

I have no idea why this was posted. Looks like a load of crap, and there’s no real content.

Adam Codega 18 Jun 05

I like the style of the large text with the color stripe, it’s something that is simple and stylish in a way. I find the blog hard to read though.

Kevin 18 Jun 05

What a wast of time this post is.

Kevin 18 Jun 05

What a waste of time this post is.

Anonymous 18 Jun 05

Without your instructions, I would have had no idea what to do here. I’d probably click the tiny “this topic” link in the upper-right and, disappointed, found it does nothing.

This just seems so far out of what 37signals pride themselves on. Are’nt you the folks who chastise other company’s websites for not providing adequate error messaging? Now you’re telling me that this garbage is “great”?

Adam Codega 19 Jun 05

Kevin: Hilarious.

Anonymous: There’s a time and place for experimentation. In my shopping cart is not one of them. On some random weblog, I don’t mind it.

Kevin 21 Jun 05

Where have all the good topics gone? Good grief SVN is getting lame.