Bottle cap photography and other Swissmiss links Matt 25 Jan 2006

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Bottle Cap TripodThis nifty adapter can transform a soda bottle into a monopod (they say tripod but that means three legs, no?). A nice and tiny solution for when you need to take a night shot or self portrait. Found it via Swissmiss, a cool design-centric blog by Tina Roth Eisenberg, Swiss designer gone NYC. Also there: image transfer tutorials, cool fabric collages, scanned images from old books, and more catnip for designers.

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Mike 25 Jan 06

Save the $20 and make your own

Noah 25 Jan 06

Wow, what a good idea, tho I don’t know how universal it would actually be. A full botle has a lot more mass than just a little camera, it would help with hand held shots and you could just use it to lift the camera up a little.

Sure it’s a gimmick but it’s fun.

Noah 25 Jan 06

I vote for the make your own option. I didn’t think of that.

swissmiss 25 Jan 06

Thank you for the linkage Matt! :)

Joshua Tuscan 25 Jan 06

Swissmiss is great. I read her every day. Good to see her get some promotion.

Thuan 25 Jan 06

So far Jake Ludington is the only guy who published his DIY. But I wonder if he forgot to put a seal to its cap. That would prevent water to come out.

Luke P 25 Jan 06

“(they say tripod but that means three legs, no?)”

True in the sense of language, but not in function. A monopod cannot normally stand on it’s own, where this little guy certainly could. Hence Tripod, i guess.

andy 26 Jan 06

While plastic soda bottles don’t have ‘legs’, they do have 3 little nubby ‘feet’. Tripod. Don’t I feel all high ‘n’ mighty now?
Yes, I do.

Don Wilson 27 Jan 06

I saw this on TechTV about 3 years ago.