Building { border: 1px dotted #000; } Ryan 05 Jan 2006

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I’m really liking The Willow Tea Rooms by Charles Rennie Mackintosh.

Willow Tea Rooms

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Jordan 05 Jan 06

Hysterical. Also, {background: #fff;}, but that seems to be a given.

Piotr Usewicz 05 Jan 06

Wow, and it IS even cascaded!

Gstfssn 05 Jan 06

Ah, that’s awesome!
Also, it looks like there’s some padding between the border and the windows… ;)

Giovanni 05 Jan 06

More like { border: 8cm dotted #000; }

Come on, try it on a browser.

Colin Frame 05 Jan 06

Man, I’ve not been past the tea rooms in ages and it’s only a wee bit away from where I work in town!

Jo�o Craveiro 05 Jan 06

And those two windows are { float: left; } ;)

Jemaleddin 05 Jan 06

Shouldn’t that be Building#willowTeaRooms or something? =-)

By the way: the blog has been way less jumpy of late - nice work.

beto 05 Jan 06

Or shouldn’t it be “#building.willowTeaRooms{ border: 1px dotted #000; }”

I’m just asking… :D

beto 05 Jan 06

Or shouldn’t it be “#building.willowTeaRooms{ border: 1px dotted #000; }”

Just asking… :D

manuel 05 Jan 06

my browsers acting funny, theres nothing clickable on that building! does it even validate? :D

Clark 05 Jan 06

It looks nice but it’s cramped inside.

Anon 06 Jan 06

Is this the CRM that Sunrise manages?

Gordon 06 Jan 06

And the tea room is naff. My Gran attend Scotland Street school (now the school of art mentioned in a previous comment) and of course Mr. M (as we call him) lived not far from where I grew up - google “hill house helensburgh” for more CRM goodness.

Ohh and how did you get the Mackintosh font to show.. that’s some “leet” CSS my man!!

3stripe 09 Jan 06

You know what, I live in Glasgow and I’ve never noticed the dotted line before… shame on me!