Building of Basecamp Europe: Copenhagen, here we come 18 May 2005

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Join us on 9 June for the first overseas Building of Basecamp Workshop in Copenhagen Denmark. This may also be the last “Building of Basecamp” workshop before we dig in and begin work on our next workshop series (and our next book).

Special thanks to Thomas for his tireless work at venue scouting and helping us get the Copenhagen workshop off the ground. If you’re in for the Building of Basecamp workshop, do not miss Reboot 7 on the 10th and 11th.

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Alan 18 May 05

Any of that workshop available online for those in countries you are not visiting? Would love to be travel there by cant.

Jacob B�tter 18 May 05

Didn’t you make a tiny mistake on that page? It says that no refunds will be giving after April 31st. Well, today is the 18st of May. Was I able to sign up to this more than two weeks ago?

JF 18 May 05

Fixed. Meant May 31.

Michael Spina 19 May 05

No east coast workshops? Drat!

Dan Boland 19 May 05

It says that no refunds will be giving after April 31st.

Don’t forget the fact that there’s no such day as April 31st. =)

Vincent D Murphy 19 May 05

Can anybody recommend accomodation with convenient access to the location of this workshop?